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How Do You Find Full-Text Electronic Journals?

Kathy Wheeler

The University Libraries own journals in several formats, including print and electronic. How do you find out where individual e-journals are hidden or which database contains the article you need from your favorite journal? Try USA's new Full-text Journal Holdings from Serials Solutions on our homepage at This is a list, by title, of the journals that USA receives through various databases such as InfoTrac, EBSCO, Academic Universe and ProQuest. Click on the initial letter of the journal you want. Once you find a journal title, you can link directly to either the database or to the database login screen.

To try it go to or to NEW on our homepage at

Below is a screen-shot of a section of the J list. Journals are listed alphabetically with coverage dates and hot-linked databases noted. (This is just a graphic so the links won't work here!).

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