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The University Library has purchased a subscription to the GeoRef database from OCLC's FirstSearch. GeoRef is the online version of the Bibliography and Index of Geology. It contains more than 2 million records for geology and the earth sciences dating from 1785 to the present for North America and from 1933 to the present for the rest of the world.

To get to GeoRef, select FirstSearch from the SOUTHcat Plus page at

Type your social security number without dashes or spaces to verify your student, faculty or staff status. From the initial FirstSearch screen choose "General Science" or "All Databases." Scroll down until you see "GeoRefS."

When you click on "GeoRefS" you will see a simple search screen with a default subject/keyword search. By clicking on the pull down menu you may change to any of a number of keyword searches (see list.) Click on "Advanced Search," to do more complex searches and to combine searches in different indexes, for instance, author and title or author and subject.

Please remember to use the EXIT button at the top of the screen to leave. The library has a subscription for three simultaneous users. If you do not use the EXIT button another researcher's entrance to the FirstSearch databases will be blocked until the session is automatically terminated at the preset "timeout".

Amy Prendergast

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