Nov.15, 2001


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Library Materials Funds Increase

Dr. Richard Wood, Dean

I am pleased to say that additional funds for library materials beyond regular departmental allocations for materials have been made available this year to the University Library for the acquisition of books and other materials. While all library material funds help meet the needs of students and faculty of the University of South Alabama, the additional funds will enable the library to acquire titles that fill gaps in subject collections and meet special research needs.

All faculty members are urged to submit requests to their designated departmental liaisons by January 7, 2002 so the University Library can expedite the purchase of books and assure timely processing during the Spring semester. Therefore, as much bibliographic information as possible about each requested title should be provided for accuracy (author, title, publisher, date of publication, etc.). Copies of reviews will also be appreciated by library bibliographers. If you have any questions about these book orders call or e-mail the appropriate bibliographer as listed below. Requests can also be e-mailed to the addresses below or faxed to us at 460-7636 (6-7636)

Mary Engebretson Business


Jerry Wright Humanities & Education


Kathy Jones Social Sciences & Communications


Amy Prendergast Science & Technology


Kathy Wheeler Electronic Resources/Math & Stats.



Enhanced Access to ScienceDirect
Personal Login Accesses Even More Full-Text

A. Off-Campus Access
ScienceDirect is now available off-campus to all faculty, staff and students and provides access to the full-text of approximately 735 subscribed journals in science, medicine, economics, psychology, education, arts and humanities, and social science. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to use ScienceDirect.

Thanks go to the Computer Services Center and especially to Connie Landry for helping us to implement EZProxy, the program that allows for off-campus access.

B. Personal Login (on-campus only)
Using a personal profile in Science Direct will provide you with access to approximately 600 more journals for about 1300 total full-text journals. Follow the directions for creating a Personal Login on the Science Direct homepage. For all subsequent uses, click on the green personal login button, enter your login name and password, and you will have access to the full-text of the non-subscribed journals as well as ones we pay for. (A green box indicates subscribed journals; a white one non-subscribed titles.)

When you choose the full-text option for a non-subscribed title, you'll get a message that USA does not subscribe to the title. Click on the "Continue" button and you will have immediate access to the article. This access to non-subscribed titles is only available on-campus. Our license allows for over 2000 free articles from non-subscribed titles this year, so please use them.
Questions? Kathy Wheeler 460-7938. Amy Prendergast 460-7025.

Library Research for the Disabled

Amy Prendergast and Kathy Jones

Thanks to a wonderful grant from the J.L. Bedsole Foundation, the University Library can now provide adaptive technologies to assist disabled library users to do research requiring Internet access. Tiffany Harris, University Library Management Systems Specialist, obtained the hardware and software and she and her assistant, William Weaver, set up the system.

The workstation is located in the Reference Services Department in the University Library. The hardware consists of a touch screen monitor, a scanner, large key keyboard, and a track-ball mouse. The software is Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, Zoomtext enlargement and screen reader, and Open Book print text reader software.

We are pleased to be able to make this equipment and software available for use by the students, faculty, and members of the community who need it. User profiles can be set up and saved for regular users. The tutorial and profile setup for voice recognition usually take at least an hour. Reservations will be required.

Until all reference staff have become familiar with the workstation, appointments will be limited to students registered with Student Support Services (SC 270, 460-7212). Appointments must be made with either Amy Prendergast or Kathy Jones at 460-7025.

Biological Abstracts Backfile

Amy Prendergast

USA now has access to the backfile of Biological Abstracts as well as the current issues. You can search back to 1980 both on-campus and remotely by going to SOUTHcat Plus and choosing “Articles and Indexes.” Click on SilverPlatter to see a list of 34 semi-annual and annual Biological Abstracts databases. Choose the years you want and click on Open Selected Databases to search. Like the current issues, the backfile includes citations and abstracts from leading life sciences journals worldwide, and links to available full-text articles in ScienceDirect, Springer-Verlag, Highwire and EBSCO Online.

Please note that USA has one simultaneous user for Biological Abstracts. In order to allow others to use it, when you finish please click the Logout button in the top right corner of the screen. The database will timeout after 10 minutes of no search activity, so if you wish to browse a large set of records you should do so offline by e-mailing or downloading the records.

Use the Index (in the right column) for locating correct forms of authors' names and theThesaurus for controlled-vocabulary subject headings.

We hope you will find the increased access to Biological Abstracts a valuable resource. If you have questions or comments call me at 460(6)-7025.

New Features for History Indexes

Kathy Jones

America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts now link to full-text articles included in the JSTOR Arts and Sciences I and II Collections. The word JSTOR will appear in the short and long entry displays for the articles which will link.
Simply clicking on the JSTOR link will redirect you to the full text of the article or the review if you are on campus. To get to the article from an off-campus location, you will need to go into JSTOR directly from the University Library's homepage so that JSTOR will recognize you as a USA member.

In addition, Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life will link to articles in the following electronic journals: Essays in History, Journal for Multimedia History and Screening the Past. Historical Abstracts will also include access to Mennonite Life and America: History and Life includes access to Journal for the Association for History and Computing and H-Net Reviews. The links for these e-journals go to a web site where you will have to select the volume and year for the article or review you want.

MLA Directory of Periodicals

It's now accessible from within the MLA database on OCLC's FirstSearch. Journal information is linked from every article citation.

Besides basic journal information, it also provides the ratio of submissions to acceptances, the number of reviewers, time needed for decision, any restrictions and if the journal is continuous or separately paginated--a formatting consideration impossible to determine using electronic journals.

More direct access to journal titles in the Directory is available if you use the appropriate indexes in Advanced or Expert search modes.

Plagiarism Page

Click here to link to a webpage with some tips and some graphics that illustrate how to track down students who use the public Internet or online journals to plagiarize research papers.

Click here to see other pages that might be useful for instruction, as well as examples of course-related pages the librarians have created for instructors who request a course-related instruction session. Want a page just for your class like these? Then schedule a session!

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