November 25, 2002


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Geobase Returns
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Now Up and Running!

Electronic Course Reserve was initiated by our Circulation/Reserve Department at The University Library during the 2002 Summer Semester. This enhancement to our Course Reserve Service should prove very popular because it enables students to access most reserve reading assignments online. It should free them from some of the traditional frustrations and irritations associated with Course Reserve materials.

We are pleased to offer this new service, and think our students and faculty will welcome its convenience and ease of access. We welcome you to try it, and we hope that you will let us know how you feel about it; we invite your questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Please contact The University Library Circulation/Reserve Department at 460-7028 or email us.

FACULTY: Materials you wish to place on Course Reserve may be submitted in person (forms available at the Circulation/Reserve Desk), by fax (460-6884), or online (the online form is under "Hours and Information" on our homepage).

For items that are to be placed on E-Reserve, we will need two clean and legible copies. Please get copies you want on E-Reserve in early (before Christmas) to allow time to scan and mount them on the Web.


Library Addition and Renovation News

Less than a year after excavation began in January 2002, all of the major structural work to the addition of the University Library is finished. The general contractors who erected the steel, hung the pre-cast concrete, and installed the glass curtain wall and roof are long gone. During the fall semester, they were replaced by new contractors who began to hang miles of drywall, duct pipe, and electrical and network wires, as well as to install elevators, bathroom fixtures, and lights. It would be an understatement to say that all the tradesmen have worked diligently and tirelessly throughout the project.

The library addition’s uniqueness and beauty is now obvious from USA North Drive or the library’s parking areas. There is no other building like it on campus, nor in Mobile. The Architectural Group’s (TAG’s) design is especially commendable for how the existing and new structures blend into one another by means of an atrium. The atrium, or connection between the two buildings, is where east and west entrances will guide users into the library. The new entrances will remedy the long walk from the parking areas to the original, single entrance across from the Student Center.

Progress has been so fast that by Thanksgiving Day, the second floor was nearly ready for carpeting and shelving. Before Christmas, the reference collection located on the second level of the existing library will be moved across the bridges connecting the two structures. This will allow demolition and renovation work in the "old" library to continue and be completed on the second level in January 2003. Also before Christmas, the Collection Management offices and staff will move across the hall to what was the Instructional Media Center (IMC). Then the vacated offices can be demolished and the area renovated for library administration in January 2003.

In summary, both the construction and renovation projects are nearing completion very quickly. By the next newsletter, we can all look forward to an announcement about grand opening ceremonies!

News from the AVL

This note listing the current AVL databases arrived from Lucinda M. Beddow, Chair, AVL Council.   Jan Sauer

"Information is now available concerning contract negotiations for licenses to the Alabama Virtual Library databases for the year 2002-2003, beginning October 1, 2002.

The following database licenses are being renewed for the upcoming year: Access Science, EBSCOhost, Ethnic Newswatch Complete, Facts on File[African-American History and Culture], The Gale Group, LitFinder, OCLC/First Search and SIRS. Ethnic Newswatch will be offered through ProQuest beginning October 1 and no longer through EBSCOhost.

The decision was made not to renew the licenses for Grolier Online and Electric Library. Access to these two databases will cease on September 30, 2002.

Britannica Online/Britannica Online School Edition will be added to the Alabama Virtual Library beginning October 1, 2002. Other contracts are still in negotiation.

Because AVL funding is now less than the original $3 million due to proration, and because the AVL is entering a fourth year with price increases also a factor, it was necessary for the AVL Council to make hard decisions concerning contract renewals."

Call, write, email your Alabama legislators to encourage them to continue supporting the Alabama Virtual Library--it is truly the best buy the state could make for improving its education. JS


New Reference Area, elevators and reference offices

To Use E-Reserves Access

1. The University Library's Home Page. Click on the "Course Reserve."

Choose either:

1. The teacher‚s name from the Instructor drop-down menu,
2. The Course Abbreviation from the Department menu
3. The Course Number from the Course menu,
Click on the Search button.

If more than one citation appears, choose the appropriate item and click on it. When the record appears, click on "Click Here for Electronic Version." This should activate Adobe Acrobat and bring up an exact image of each page.

Retrieving the large .pdf file may take a long time. Please wait several minutes, if necessary, for the item to appear especially if you are on a dial-up connection.

GEOBASE is Back in Firstsearch

USA Library provides access to two Earth Sciences databases, GEOBASE and GeoRef. GEOBASE has just returned after a long absence. These both may be found from SOUTHcat Plus by clicking on "Fulltext Journals & Indexes."

GEOBASE, found among the FirstSearch set of databases, is the online version of Geographical Abstracts and includes worldwide literature on geography, geology, and ecology. It covers journals, books, monographs, conference proceedings, and reports from 1980 to the present.

GeoRef, found among the SilverPlatter set of databases, is produced by the American Geological Institute and covers the geology of North America from 1785 to the present and the geology of the rest of the world from 1933 to the present. The database includes references to all publications of the U.S. Geological Survey. Masters' theses and doctoral dissertations from U.S. and Canadian universities are also covered. If you have questions about GeoRef, GEOBASE, or any of our databases, please call the Reference Desk at 460-7025, or send e-mail to

The Web of Science

The Biomedical Library has subscribed to ISI's Web of Science. This web resource is the online equivalent of Science Citation Index and provides access to current and retrospective literature in the sciences. The subscription includes access to not only the Web of Science but to Current Contents (Life Sciences and Clinical Medicine) and to ISI's Journal Citation Reports. Web of Science is not a full-text database but it allows you to trace the evolution of a subject or the number of times an author has been cited.

WARNING: Web of Science is available remotely as well as on campus. If you are accessing Web of Science remotely, you may get the following message before your session even starts: "Your session has expired." You will need to establish a new session if you wish to continue.  If you go ahead and click on "establish a new session," you"ll be able to access Web of Science and search without any further problems. Web of Science can be accessed by going to the University Library's homepage at choosing "Fulltext Journals & Indexes" and then dragging down to the Web of Science.

Foundation Center Online

The Library discontinued its subscription to the print Foundation Center annuals a few years ago, so we were happy to see that Office of Sponsored Programs has picked up an electronic subscription for at least one year. This is an excellent way to find grants. From the OSP webpage:

"The Office of Sponsored Programs has recently purchased a subscription to The Foundation Center. This top Platinum Plan subscription provides extensive program details for 1,000+ leading foundations; detailed application guidelines for 6,000+ foundations; and sponsoring company information for corporate givers. In addition, the plan includes a searchable file of approximately 150,000 grants of $10,000 or more awarded by the top 1,200 funders.

Researchers interested in conducting funding searches through The Foundation Center for private foundation funding should arrange a search through the following college contacts. Please note, unlike IRIS and other subscriptions which allow faculty access, only these contacts have the Platinum access to The Foundation Center."


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