April 18, 2003

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Construction & Renovation Update | Hannelore DuBose to Retire
Callahan at the Friends of the Archives Meeting
David Ensminger Joins the Libraries Faculty | What is PETAL?
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Albert Schweitzer Center Dedicated

Construction & Renovation Update

Although there are many "finishing touches" that still need to be completed, as there are in any major construction project, the Dedication of the addition to the University Library on March 5th marked the essential completion of the construction project.

We were most fortunate to have Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump, as our featured speaker for the Dedication and Board Dinner that evening. His gift of a limited first edition of Forrest Gump was a welcome surprise, as was his willingness to autograph over one hundred copies of his books for the many faculty, staff, students, alumni, and Mobilians who attended.

I want to thank all of the users, as well as library personnel, who coped graciously with the parking restrictions, noises, smells, dust, and disruptions during the construction and renovation work. The hard work of the library faculty and staff, as well as the hundreds of others from architects, construction managers, and excavators to the steel erectors, roofers, carpenters, masons, painters, laborers, and movers resulted in a beautiful four story addition of about 54,000 square feet that we can all be very proud of at USA.

The glass curtain walls of the addition truly makes the University Library a unique structure on campus, especially at night when the inside lights make the building glow and illuminate the new book stacks and furnishings. It is an inviting environment in which to read and study and I invite you to do so if you have not already visited.

Inside, the openness of the atrium, modern circulation desk, and staircase welcome everyone who enters through either of the two entrances at the east and west.

The entrances are at parking level to increase access from the east, west and north. The Instructional Media Center is front and center in the addition and is now combined with a faculty development center called the Program for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, or PETAL. This area not only houses videotapes, music CDs, and DVDs, but also books and journals about instructional technology, multimedia, teaching, studying, and learning. Individual media preview rooms allow users to see or hear the media in an almost sound proof room.

While reference and circulating book collections are housed in traditional stacks on the remaining floors of both the addition and original buildings, the new addition permits the library to exhibit art and displays of all kinds on the third floor. Authors or other speakers will be featured in the library’s new auditorium that seats over 120. New classroom spaces will enhance the library’s ability to teach Internet and database searching skills or traditional library research methodologies.

Students have already found over twenty new group study rooms as a favorite place to discuss projects or have small group meetings. If visitors would prefer to relax to read or study, comfortable lounge chairs are located throughout the addition. Finally, seeing unique views of the campus from fourth floor vantage points will reward all those who have not yet found their way to this beautiful, unique and inspiring facility.

David Ensminger--New Head of PETAL/IMC

David Ensminger, the new Director of the PETAL and IMC, comes to the University Library from the Department of Defense (Navy) where he worked as an Instructional Systems Specialist.

Prior to his work designing instruction and evaluating programs for the Navy, he worked for twelve years as a mental health counselor with adolescent populations. He holds a BS in psychology from the University of Utah and an MA in Psychology from Stephen F. Austin. He is enrolled in the Instructional Design and Development Ph.D. Program at the University of South Alabama, and is currently ABD.
On the personal side David is married to Michelle Miller and they have a five-year-old daughter, Taylor. David’s leisure activities include playing with Taylor, scuba diving, underwater photography, making linoleum prints and reading.

OUP E-Journals Added

The University Library now provides access to the 152 Oxford Journals Online--full-text access to those journals published by OUP that have an electronic version. (Some do not have an electronic equivalent. Abstracts are included for those that don't.) To see the length and level of coverage for each journal click here.

Area Studies (7)
Art History and Visual Culture(7)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology(19)
Biology and Ecology (13)
Classics (3)
Communication Studies (7)
Computing and Engineering (11)
Economics and Business (21)
Genetics (12)
Geoscience (1)
Health Sciences(24)
History (22)

Language Studies, Linguistics, and Philology (7)
Law (19)
Literary Studies (16)
Mathematics and Statistics (16)
Medicine (32)
Music (5)
Orthodontics (2)
Philosophy (9)
Political Science (20)
Psychology and Psychiatry (12)
Sociology, Social Policy
and Social Work (15)

To get to the Oxford Journals, go to SOUTHcat Plus (http://library.southalabama.edu) and choose "Fulltext Journals and Indexes." Look in the box under Frequently Used Index Collections and click on "Oxford Journals Online." To look at tables of contents, choose a journal title from the drop down box at the top of the page labeled Select a Journal or click "Journals by Title" or "Journals by Subject" on the left side of the page. Do a Quick Search by typing key words in the box at the top of the page and clicking "go" or do an Advanced Search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the same line. In Advanced Search you can search by keyword and use Boolean "and" and "or" operators and search titles, abstracts, or all content. You may also restrict a search by journal title or subject area. If you have any questions or comments about Oxford Journals Online please contact:

Amy Prendergast, 460-7025, 62827 or
Kathy Wheeler at 460-7938, 67938

American Factfinder

Vickey Baggott

Looking for Census 2000 data? Have a homework assignment to set up an imaginary shop? Look what the Documents Department can do for you.

American FactFinder is an interactive part of the Census Bureau web site. You can create and print out customized tables and color maps.

  1. Tables can be created in four easy step:
  2. Select the DATA SET you want to use – 2000 Summary File 1 or 2 or 1990 SummaryTape File 1 are currently available.
  3. Choose your table option – Detailed, Geographic Comparison, and Quick tables. Select your geography – from the nation down to the census block. Some statistics will not display for reasons of privacy.
  4. Select one or more tables for information about age, sex, race, Hispanic or Latino origin, household type, relationship, group quarters, whether the residence is owned or rented (tenure), and vacancy status.

By selecting the Maps button on the American FactFinder homepage, I can display a thematic map showing Median Household Income in Alabama by county for 1999.

This is one of many electronic government resources available for you to use in the Documents Department of the University Library. Come by and check us out.


Hannelore is Retiring May 1st

Hannelore DuBose joined the USA Library in the position of Reference and Circulation Librarian at the Medical Library on August 15, 1977. She moved from Boston, where she received her M.S.L.S from Simmons College and had worked for 4 years as cataloger. She came to the University Library in February 1978 as Head Cataloger.

In 1993 Hannelore received an M.B. A. from the University of Mobile. She is fluent in German, English, French and Russian (although she says her French and Russian are getting rusty). In her spare time she teaches German and sometimes English to people in local chemical and airline companies. In addition, she's done much translation work for chemical and engineering companies, legal firms, and individuals. Four years ago she was given additional duties as Collection Assessment Librarian.

"I have enjoyed my work and am now looking forward to 'travel and leisure' with my wonderful husband, Arnell. We will take a one-month vacation to Spain, France, Switzerland and possibly a bit of southern Germany in May. Later this summer we plan to take our motor home to California and visit the vineyards, and then up the West Coast to some states I haven't been to yet: Oregon, Washington and Montana. The 'leisure' part will be spent with reading, flower gardening (we have 500 feet of flower beds), and boating while listening to classical music."

If you want to come and wish her well, a retirement reception will be held for Hannelore on April 30th at 3 P.M. in Room 181 (old Room 5) of the University Library.

Friends of the Archives Meeting

Elisa Baldwin

Congressman Sonny Callahan will speak at the USA Archives on Sunday, May 4th. , Congressman Callahan has donated his papers to the University Archives.

The event will run from 2 till 4 in Room 0722 in USA's Springhill Campus (formerly Providence Hospital) accessed through the Lafayette Street entrance. It is open to anyone interested in helping preserve the history of our area and becoming a Friend of the USA Archives.


What is PETAL?

PETAL is the Program for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. This new program, located in the Instructional Media Center (IMC), is designed to coordinate the campus-wide efforts to improve instruction and learning. Although still in its infancy, the members of the PETAL staff are working to build a center to provide faculty and students with current resources to broaden their knowledge and skills in the area of instruction.

Currently the PETAL staff is developing a mission statement and objectives for PETAL and the IMC. The main focus of PETAL is to promote quality education across the University by serving as an instructional resource center for the University of South Alabama community. In order to accomplish this, the first floor North of the Library will contain books and journals that relate to teaching, instructional design, educational assessment, and instructional technology.

The PETAL program will provide training programs that offer faculty (new and experienced) an opportunity to learn more about designing effective instruction as well as, how to increase learning in and out of the classroom. The IMC will house the PETAL technology lab that can be used by faculty, staff and students to develop multimedia instruction and presentations. Courses will be offered to help individuals create effective multimedia instruction. We plan to foster a relationship with South’s Instructional Design and Development program that will give IDD students an opportunity to complete internships under PETAL and allow for more individualized services and support.

More JSTOR E-Journals Added

JSTOR is a boon to our library collection. It's a not-for-profit group that has gotten agreements from hundreds of journal publishers to mount online the older volumes of their journals--at a price that libraries can almost afford. This year we were able to subscribe to two more JSTOR collections: the Languages and Literature Collection and the Business Collection. Click here to browse all the JSTOR journals that are now available to you and your students from any location.

The Albert Schweitzer Center and Group Study Room

A generous local businessman, who wishes to remain anonymous, donated a large sum to fund a student scholarship and a library collection of books by and about Albert Schweitzer and other memorabilia. Room 340D in the new addition of the library was dedicated on April 15th and has a plaque, pictures, magazine covers and a bibliography of Schweitzer items recently acquired for the University Library collection.


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