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Chronicle of Higher Education on Lexis-Nexis

On January 27th Lexis-Nexis made a few changes, one of them was adding the full-text of Chronicle articles to their General News Topics library. When you choose General News Topics, hold down the arrow next to the drop-down menu in which the words "Major Newspapers" appear and at the bottom of the list you will find Chronicle of Higher Education. Lexis has full-text coverage of the Chronicle from September 1997 to the present.

Two other items that used to appear in the General News Topics library have been moved to the Main Menu:

  • News Transcripts (actual transcripts of news shows appearing on network television, CNN and National Public Radio) and
  • Foreign Language News (news items in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, or Italian).

Lexis is available only from on-campus computers coming through the usouthal.edu domain name.


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