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Trial of Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

Until May 9th, the University Library has a trial subscription to the multiple databases of Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. Since we may not be able to afford a subscription to this very expensive resource, we encourage you to use it while you can. Send us your comments about its usefulness and we will forward them to the appropriate funding source.

Access to Cambridge Scientific from the Electronic Indexes button on the Library homepage till May 9th at


or directly


Databases available during the trial period include:

Aerospace Database 1986 to Current
AGRICOLA 1979 to Current
Aluminium Industry Abstracts 1972 to Current
API EnCompass:Environment 1987 to Current
ASFA: Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts Search subfiles 1978 to Current
ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts 1984 to Current
Biological Sciences Search subfiles 1982 to Current
Biology Digest 1989 to Current
Biotechnology & Bioengineering Abstracts 1982 to Current
Computer Abstracts 1993 to Current
Computer & Information Systems Abstracts 1981 to Current
Conference Papers Index 1993 to Current
Corrosion Abstracts 1980 to Current
Electronics & Communications Abstracts 1981 to Current
Engineered Materials Abstracts Search subfiles 1986 to Current
Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Search subfiles 1981 to Current
ERIC 1966 Current Findex 1991 to Current
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts 1970 to Current
Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts 1973 to Current
Materials Business File 1985 vCurrent
Mechanical Engineering Abstracts 1981 to Current
MEDLINE 1993 to Current
METADEX 1966 to Current
Microcomputer Abstracts 1989 to Current
NTIS 1964 to Current
Oceanic Abstracts 1981 to Current
Plant Science 1994 to Current
Safety Science & Risk Abstracts 1981 to Current
Sociological Abstracts 1963 to Current
SoftBase 1985 to Current
Solid State & Superconductivity Abstracts 1981 to Current
TOXLINE 1993 to Current
WELDASEARCH 1967 to Current
Ceramic Abstracts / World Ceramics Abstracts 1975 to Current
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