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Retrieve Online Dissertations at Home

Since we got Dissertation Abstracts International we have had a dilemma. Access to DAI is restricted to computers coming through the usouthal domain(on campus only). So if a student or faculty member wanted to order (and pay for) a dissertation in an online format, he or she would have to find a computer which would allow for a large (several megabytes) download on campus. Not as much a problem for faculty with office computers, but a real pain for students.

We have now found that you may order your dissertation from a campus computer and then go home, retrieve an e-mail from UMI detailing an access point on the WWW, enter the PIN number also provided, and download the dissertation onto your own personal computer.

DAI provides abstracts for dissertations and theses written from 1861 to the present. Be advised that not all dissertations have been converted to html or pdf format, so UMI also provides information on how to order hard copies of those not yet digitized.

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