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Undergraduate Programs
Accounting, BSBA
Accounting, Minor
Advertising and Public Relations, BA
Advertising and Public Relations, Minor
African American Studies, Minor
Air Force Studies, Minor
Anthropology, BA
Anthropology, Minor
Applied Linguistics, Minor
Applied Statistics, Minor
Art History, Minor
Biology, BS
Biology, Minor
Biology - Environmental Science Concentration, BS
Biology - Marine Biology Concentration, BS
Biology - Senior Thesis Concentration, BS
Biomedical Sciences, BS
Biomedical Sciences, Minor
Chemical Engineering, BS
Chemistry, Minor
Chemistry Biochemistry Track, Major, BS
Chemistry ACS Certified Chemistry Track, Major, BS
Chinese, Minor
Civil Engineering, BS
Classics, Minor
Communication, Minor
Communication, BA
Composite Science, Minor
Computer Engineering, BS
Computer Science, BS
Computer Sciences, Minor
Criminal Justice, BA
Criminal Justice, Minor
Data Analytics, Minor
Departmental Honors Designation,
Digital Film & Television Production, BA
Digital Film and Television Production, Minor
Drama, BA
Drama, Minor
Drama with Concentration in Dance, Minor
Early Childhood Studies, BS
Economics & Finance - Economics Concentration, BSBA
Economics & Finance - Finance Concentration, BSBA
Economics & Finance - Finance for Business Majors, Minor
Economics & Finance - Finance for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Economics & Finance - Real Estate Concentration, BSBA
Economics & Finance - Real Estate for Business Majors, Minor
Economics & Finance - Real Estate for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Economics & Finance - for Business Majors, Minor
Economics & Finance - for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Economics and Finance, BSBA
Electrical Engineering - General Track, BS
Electrical Engineering - Premed Track, BS
Elementary Education: K-6, BS
Emergency Medical Services, Minor
Emergency Medical Services, BS
English, BA
English, Minor
English - Creative Writing Concentration, BA
English - Professional Writing and Editing Concentration, BA
English Creative Writing, Minor
English Professional Writing, Minor
Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, BS
Exercise Science - Health and Fitness Concentration, BS
Exercise Science - Pre-Professional Concentration, BS
Forensic Science, Minor
French, Minor
Gender Studies, Minor
General Business, BSBA
Geographic Information Technology, Minor
Geography, BS
Geography, Minor
Geology, BS
Geology, Minor
German, Minor
Gerontology, Minor
Health - Health Education 6-12 Teacher Certification, BS
Health - Health Promotion, BS
Health Informatics, BS
Health and Wellness, Minor
Health-Physical Ed - Physical Education P-12 and Health Education 6-12 Teacher Certification, BS
History, BA
History, Minor
Hospitality and Tourism Management, BS
Hospitality and Tourism Management, Minor
Information Systems, BS
Information Systems, Minor
Information Technology, BS
Information Technology, Minor
Interdisciplinary Studies, BA, BS
Interdisciplinary Studies, Minor
International Business, BSBA
International Studies, Minor
International Studies - Asian Studies Concentration, BA
International Studies - European Studies Concentration, BA
International Studies - Global Health Concentration, BA
International Studies - International Relations Concentration, BA
International Studies - Latin American Studies Concentration, BA
International Studies - Middle East Studies Concentration, BA
International Studies – Modern and Classical Languages and Literature/International Studies Double Major, BA
Jewish and Holocaust Studies , Minor
Journalism, BA
Journalism, Minor
Management, BSBA
Management - Entrepreneurship Concentration, BSBA
Management - Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Management - General Business for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Management - General Management Concentration, BSBA
Management - Human Resources Concentration, BSBA
Management - Industrial Organizational Psychology, Minor
Management - Management for Business Majors, Minor
Management - Management for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Marine Sciences, Minor
Marine Sciences, BS
Marketing, BSBA
Marketing - Marketing Management Concentration, BSBA
Marketing - Marketing for Business Majors, Minor
Marketing - Marketing for Non-Business Majors, Minor
Marketing - Professional Sales Concentration, BSBA
Mathematics, Minor
Mathematics and Statistics Major, BS
Mechanical Engineering, BS
Mechanical Engineering - Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's Program, BS
Mechanical Engineering - Aerospace Track, BS
Mechanical Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Track, BS
Meteorology, Minor
Meteorology - Broadcast Met Track, BS
Meteorology - Graduate School Track, BS
Meteorology - Professional Track, BS
Military Science, Minor
Modern Languages and Literature - French Concentration, BA
Modern Languages and Literature - German Concentration, BA
Modern Languages and Literature - Russian Concentration, BA
Modern Languages and Literature - Spanish Concentration, BA
Museum Studies, Minor
Music, Minor
Music - Elective Studies in Business Concentration, BM
Music - Elective Studies in Specific Outside Fields Concentration, BM
Music - Vocal Music Education Concentration, BM
Music – Instrumental Music Education Concentration, BM
Music – Instrumental Performance Concentration, BM
Music – Vocal Performance Concentration, BM
Native American Studies, Minor
Nursing, BSN
Nursing - Accelerated, BS
Nursing - Traditional, BSN
Performance Nutrition, Minor
Philosophy, Minor
Philosophy - Classics Concentration, BA
Philosophy - Philosophy Concentration, BA
Philosophy - Religion Concentration, BA
Philosophy and Medicine, Minor
Physical Education - P-12 Teacher Certification, BS
Physics, Minor
Physics - General Physics, BS
Physics - Graduate School Prep, BS
Physics - Meteorology Double Major, BS
Physics - Premedical Option, BS
Political Science, BA
Political Science, Minor
Professional Health Sciences , BS
Psychology, BA
Psychology, Minor
Radiologic Sciences, BS
Recreational Therapy, BS
Related Science, Minor
Religion, Minor
Russian, Minor
Secondary Education Biology, BS
Secondary Education English Language Arts, BS
Secondary Education General Sciences, BS
Secondary Education Mathematics, BS
Secondary Education Social Science, BS
Social Work, BSW
Sociology, BA
Sociology, Minor
Spanish, Minor
Special Education, BS
Speech Pathology and Audiology, Minor
Speech and Hearing Sciences, BS
Sport Management and Recreation Studies, Minor
Sport Management and Recreation Studies – Coaching Administration, BS
Sport Management and Recreation Studies – Sport Administration, BS
Studio Art, Minor
Studio Art - Animation Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Art History Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Ceramics Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Glass Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Graphic Design Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Painting Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Photography Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Printmaking Concentration, BFA
Studio Art - Sculpture Concentration, BFA
Supply Chain & Logistics Management, BSBA
University Honors Designation,
Visual Art - Art History Concentration, BA
Visual Art - Studio Art Concentration, BA
*Filter degrees & programs alphabetically
Graduate Programs
Accounting, MAcc
Audiology, AuD
Basic Medical Sciences, PhD
Biology, MS
Biomedical Sciences, MS
Business Administration, MBA
Business Administration, PhD
Chemical Engineering, MS
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, PhD
Civil Engineering, MS
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MS
Clinical and Counseling Psychology, PhD
Communication, MA
Communication Sciences and Disorders, PhD
Computer and Information Sciences, MS
Computing, PhD
Early Childhood Education, Alt. M.Ed.
Early Childhood Education, M.Ed.
Educational Administration, M.Ed.
Educational Leadership, Ed.D.
Educational Media and Technology, MS
Educational Media – Library Media, M.Ed.
Educational Specialist, Ed.S.
Electrical Engineering, MS
Elementary Education, Alt. M.Ed.
Elementary Education, M.Ed.
English - Literature Concentration, MA
English Creative Writing Concentration, MA
Environmental Toxicology, MS
History - Non-Thesis Option, MA
History - Thesis Option, MA
Information Systems, MS
Instructional Design and Development, Ph.D.
Instructional Design and Development, MS
Marine Science, PhD
Marine Science - Marine Conservation, MS
Marine Science - Non-Thesis Option, MS
Marine Science – Thesis Option, MS
Mathematics - Non-Thesis Option, MS
Mathematics - Non-Thesis Option with Computer Science Emphasis, MS
Mathematics - Thesis Option, MS
Mechanical Engineering, MS
Music - Collaborative Keyboard Concentration, MM
Music - Music Education Concentration, MM
Music - Music Education Concentration - (Alternative Choral or Instrumental), MM
Music - Performance Concentration, MM
Nursing - BSN-Prepared RNs, MSN
Nursing - MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Bridge to DNP Executive Nursing Administration Pathway, DNP
Nursing - MSN to DNP Adding a New Concentration Area, DNP
Nursing - RN-MSN with Non-Nursing Baccalaureate, MSN
Nursing Practice, BSN to DNP
Nursing Practice - MSN to DNP for Advanced Practice Nursing Roles, DNP
Occupational Therapy, MS
Physical Education - Exercise Science, MS
Physical Education - Health Promotion, MS
Physical Education - P-12 Teacher Certification, M.Ed.
Physical Education – Health Education 6-12 Teacher Certification, M.Ed.
Physical Therapy, DPT
Physician Assistant Studies, MHS
Psychology, MS
Public Administration, MPA
School Counseling, M.Ed.
Secondary Education, Alt. M.Ed.
Secondary Education, M.Ed.
Sociology, MA
Special Education, Alt. M.Ed.
Special Education, M.Ed.
Speech-Language Pathology, MS
Sport Management, MS
Systems Engineering, MS
Systems Engineering, Ph.D.
Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language Graduate, Certificate
Visual Art - Creative Technologies and Practice, MFA