Dressing for Success at a Career Fair

How you choose to dress for a career fair, interview, or networking event can have a substantial impact on how others perceive you. Often lasting impressions are formed within the first 30 seconds of a meeting. Therefore, how you present yourself is as important as what you say during these situations.

Business Professional

  • Wear a conservative tailored suit or dress suit (black, dark blue, gray)
  • Skirt should hit the top of the knee—avoid extreme slits
  • Wear well-shined basic medium/low-heeled pumps or shoes
  • Limit jewelry and select subtle options
  • Choose a small handbag or portfolio
  • Have well-groomed hair
  • Select white or blue cotton shirts—avoid other colors or stripes
  • Wear a tie and match belt with shoe color 

Business Casual

  • Choose casual pants (pressed slacks or khakis) or skirts that aren’t too tight
  • Choose skirts that come to the knee while standing and cover your thighs when seated
  • Select tailored shirts, blouses, sweaters, and sweater sets
  • Have well-groomed hair
  • Select long-sleeved shirts (dressier) or short–sleeved in summer
  • Wear leather shoes, (no sandals, athletic shoes, or boots)
  • Typically less is more when accessorizing- choose a conservative watch and jewelry