Employee Community Volunteer Program

Man speaking at MLK Services


The University of South Alabama fully supports the Office of Community Engagement and further supports the volunteer efforts of faculty and staff. To that end, the Employee Community Volunteer Program allows faculty and staff to receive paid time off to pursue volunteer involvement. You are required to seek approval from your supervisor and fill out the necessary paperwork. If you feel strongly about helping the community, we want to support you in that endeavor. Follow the steps below to do your part to serve. Read the Employee Community Volunteer Program Policy and Procedure, then follow the steps below to do your part to serve:   

Visit South Serves , Login with USA email and Explore "Needs" (Volunteer Opportunities)
Discuss options with Supervisor, Get Approval Form signed
“Respond” to a Need through
South Serves

Volunteer and get Certification Section of form signed,
Return form to Supervisor
Login to South Serves,
"Track Hours" and Describe your experience
Submit Volunteer Admin Leave
on your Time Sheet


Printable Flyer for Posting