Applying for Scholarships

JagSPOT provides access to a range of scholarships that are funded by the University of South Alabama as well as the generous donors who support USA. In order to be considered for these scholarships, students must annually complete the General Scholarship Application within their JagSPOT account. 

Important Note: Due to the multitude of variations with Majors, Minors, & Concentrations, as well as the complexity of some scholarship criteria; some scholarships may be 'RECOMMENDED' to you for which you are not eligible. Please read the descriptions and related deadlines carefully and apply for those scholarships where you appear to meet the minimum criteria.


Review Your Applicant Record

After logging in to the JagSPOT portal, it is important to first review your 'Applicant Record'. Information previously provided to the University of South Alabama such as ACT/SAT scores, transcripts, or academic major are automatically part of your application. Please review the 'Applicant Record' tab to ensure all information is correct.

Complete the General Scholarship Application

The General Scholarship Application will automatically import information from your student record for scholarship administrators. You will only need to answer the additional questions provided.

Complete Supplemental Applications

Once you complete your General Scholarship Application, you will be provided a list of scholarships that match your profile information. Click on the apply button within your 'Recommended Opportunity' list to answer any additional questions required.

Submit Your Application

If you need more time to complete your application or you are planning to review your application again prior to submission, select 'Save and Keep Editing' and come back at a later time. When you are ready to submit your completed application, click 'Finish and Continue'. Students may update their application at any time prior to the scholarship application deadlines.