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Celebrating National Pollinator Week -- June 19-25, 2023

Pollinator Week was first designated as a national holiday in 2007 after the U.S. Senate acknowledged an increased need to recognize issues surrounding the declining pollinator populations.  The federal government has since partnered with organizations like the Pollinator Partnership to grow this week of awareness into a worldwide event. 

According to the Pollinator Partnership, “This Pollinator Week we will be emphasizing the connections between climate and pollinators. Pollinators are dying because their food and homes are disappearing, diseases have increased, and rising temperatures and natural disasters are affecting their ability to survive - all of which are related to climate change. At the same time, the conservation of pollinators and their habitats can help combat climate change by supporting healthy ecosystems, air, soil, water, and plants. Combined, these results make planet earth a safer place for us to live…”

We invite you now to browse some of our department’s resources and commemorative display as we celebrate Pollinator Week 2023!  Come see what is currently being done to tackle this growing issue, along with what you can do to help as well.  The display can be found at Marx Library on 2nd Floor South with a 7-page bibliography and companion handout for more information. 


National Gay Pride Month 2023

The fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States has been decades long, and while that fight is still happening today on many levels, there are also a lot of wins to recognize as well. Pride Month is an annual celebration of identity and community that is rich in a history of activism and courage. 

While there were certainly many precursor moments, many view the 1969 Stonewall Riots as the impetus for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States, a movement that gave its all to create a more equal and just society for everyone, no matter their sexuality or gender identity. On June 28, 1970, only a year after the first Stonewall demonstrations, the first pride parade took place during the Christopher Street Liberation Day celebration. Hundreds of queer Americans took to the streets to commemorate those who had fought for their community, and while Pride has certainly grown in the years that have followed, it will always remain an occasion to honor those who have come before and will continue after.

We invite you now to browse some of our department’s LGBTQ+ resources and commemorative display as we celebrate Pride Month 2023! The display can be found near the south entrance to Marx Library on 2nd Floor South with a 6-page bibliography and a pamphlet for additional information.

For more detailed information available from government information sources, see our LibGuide:  Gov Docs: LGBTQ+ Resources



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