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IN THE NEWS: Report of the Special Counsel on the Investigation into Unauthorized Removal ... of Classified Documents ... of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

On February 5, 2024, the Special Counsel's Office of the U.S. Dept. of Justice issued their 388-page "Report of the Special Counsel on the Investigation Into Unauthorized Removal, Retention, and Disclosure of Classified Documents Discovered at Location Including the Penn Biden Center and the Delaware Private Residence of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr".

After a year of investigation it was concluded that "no criminal charges are warranted in this matter. "


February is Black History Month

Resources from the U.S. Federal Government

A Proclamation on National Black History Month, 2024  (The White House)

  --  This National Black History Month, we celebrate the vast contributions of Black Americans to our country and recognize that Black history is American history and that Black culture, stories, and triumphs are at the core of who we are as a Nation

Black History Month (National Park Service)

Black History Month (National Institutes of Health)

Black History Month (NASA)


Additional Resources from the Government Documents Dept. of Marx Library

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Insurrection Act of 1807 and the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

In recent news, both the Insurrection Act of 1807 and the 14th Constitutional Amendment have been mention.  While both have similarities, regarding insurrection or rebellion against the authority of the United states, they are actually quite different. The Insurrection Act provides the power to the President to use federal troops to address a variety of civil disturbances that could be provoked by a major attack on the country.  In fact, it was the legal justification used by President Lincoln in 1861 as the basis for waging the Civil War.  The 14th Amendment addresses the consequences for those that engage is such acts of insurrection or rebellion to overthrow the government.

For more information, consult a short bibliography of resources available from government documents.


Topics in the News -- Some recent reports from the Congressional Research Service:

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Foreign Country Actions to Place the Israel-Hamas Conflict Before International Courts  (1/26/24)

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The AI Executive Order and Considerations for Federal Privacy Policy  (1/25/24)

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The Palestinians: Overview, Aid, and U.S. Policy Issues  (1/24/24)

State Laws Restricting or Prohibiting Abortion  (1/22/24)

U.S. Arms Sales and Human Rights: Legislative Basis and Frequently Asked Questions  (1/22/24)

Potential Impacts of Offshore Wind on the Marine Ecosystem and Associated Species: Background and Issues for Congress  (1/19/24)

Boeing 737-9 Max Grounded Amid Renewed Concerns About Manufacturing Quality and Product Safety  (1/18/24)

Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress  (1/18/24)

Current Second Amendment Cases Before the Supreme Court   (1/18/24)

The 574 Federally Recognized Indian Tribes in the United States  (1/18/24)

Russia’s War on Ukraine: U.S. Policy and the Role of Congress  (1/17/24)

Europe: Fact Sheet on Parliamentary and Presidential Elections  (1/16/24)

Immigration Legislation and Issues in the 118th Congress  (1/16/24)

Law Enforcement on Tribal Lands  (1/12/24)

The Second Amendment and the Federal Prohibition on Unlawful Drug Users from Possessing Firearms  (1/12/24)

University Liability Under Title IX for Off Campus Sexual Harassment  (1/12/24)

Disqualification of a Candidate for the Presidency, Part II: Examining Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment as It Applies to Ballot Access  (1/10/24)

Disqualification of a Candidate for the Presidency, Part I: Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment as It Applies to the Presidency  (1/9/24)

Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA): An Overview  (1/5/24)

The Marine Mammal Protection Act (P.L. 92 -522): Primer and Issues for Congress  (1/5/24)

Democracy and Human Rights in U.S. Foreign Policy: Tools and Considerations for Congress  (1/4/24)

Regulating Gender in School Sports: An Overview of Legal Challenges to State Laws  (1/2/24)