Past Exhibitions 2013

"Helen Keller Traveling Art Show"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
First Floor Gallery
July 19, 2013- September 20, 2013

Mobile— Artwork, part of a juried state-wide and international exhibit from students with visual and/or hearing impairments, will be on display in the University of South Alabama Library's first floor gallery from July 19, 2013, through September 20, 2013. The work is created by students of all ages with sensory impairments in Alabama public, private, home and residential schools. The artwork is part of "The Helen Keller Art Show," which features the winning entries of various media of art made by the students. The show is unique with emphasis on creativity, color and tactile media, and is free and open to the public during Library hours.

The art show travels throughout the state of Alabama and is displayed in several museums and agencies. Select pieces travel throughout the United States and are exhibited in Washington D.C. and in the senate and congressional offices. The grand prize winner's art remains in a permanent collection at Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Helen Keller's birthplace.

Support for this statewide contest is provided through the UAB Vision Science Research Center-Outreach Education Module, the UAB School of Optometry, the UAB School of Education, the Helen Keller Birthplace Foundation and the Alabama Federation of the Council for Exceptional Children Helen Keller Chapter of the Division on Visual Impairments.

The Helen Keller Art Show was established in 1983 as a cooperative project between agencies serving children with visual impairments. The philosophy of the exhibit is that all participating students are considered winners and teachers are encouraged to incorporate visual arts into the individual educational plan of each student.

"Photographs by Mallory Tew"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
First Floor Gallery
May 21, 2013 – July 19, 2013

Mobile— Native Mobilian and USA attendee, Mallory Tew, describes his work as eclectic as he draws inspiration from so many different sources, influences and environments. Several of his photographs, depicting his unique style, will be on display at the University of South Alabama Library in the first floor gallery. The exhibit will be on display from May 01, 2013, through July 19, 2013, and is free and open to the public during Library hours.

Tew draws inspiration for his photographs from a variety of sources including music, politics and life in general. His artistic influences include Ansel Adams, Jackson Pollack, Monet, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Thomas Kincade. Tew considers himself to be a photoist, which he defines as candid situational photography, from the hip and mind.

"Capturing of a moment in a way that represents my view of the moment, my reality, and my ability to express it through the photograph is what I strive to accomplish," said Tew. "In the end, I try to make interesting and visually pleasing photos."

Tew describes his process by comparing it to that of a sculptor, who tries to release the shape or piece that is already inherent in the material he is working with at the time. Tew says he strives to accomplish the same feat by putting himself into different situations and locations that will provide opportunities for different subject matter and what he determines to be interesting or relevant to focus on.

"Young Surgeons, Engineers and Mathematicians do ORIGAMI"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
First Floor Gallery
January 7, 2013- February 28, 2013
Mobile--Local elementary and middle school children have brought Asian art, including Sumi-e, Japanese calligraphy, Gyotaku, Suminagashi and Origami to the area with a lively show filled with broad strokes, color and unique style. The art work is currently on display in the first floor gallery at the University of South Alabama Library. The artwork is part of a collection made by students, participating in an Asian Art class funded by the Community Foundation of South Alabama. The students' work will be on display through Thursday, February 28, 2013. The exhibit is free and open to the public during library hours.

The students studied several types of Asian art including Sumi-e art, which is ink brush painting, Gyotaku, which is fish printing, and Suminagashi, which is floating ink-paper marbling. The collection consists of work made by 30 students selected to take part in the class. The students were chosen from the Semmes area elementary and middle schools, as well as local home school students.

The class was taught over a course of six weeks by four instructors trained in the Asian arts. The class met during the summer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mary Rodning, for whom the Rodning Gallery of Art located on the third floor of the library is named, was an instructor of the class and an essential advocate for having the class's art displayed in both the USA Library and the Semmes Public Library.

The University of South Alabama Rodning Art Gallery and first floor gallery displays exhibits throughout the year. For more information regarding showcases, please visit our website at All displays are open to the public during library hours. To view the library hours please visit

"Vessels 40: Surface and Color"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art Glass Cases
January 7, 2013- February 28, 2013

Mobile-- A variety of glass techniques from low and high-fire vitreous enamels to sandblasted imagery can be seen in the USA Library's newest art exhibit, "Vessels 40: Surface and Color." The display is made up of works by USA Visual Art Department's Glass Program Coordinator, Rene Culler. The show features several of her pieces that explore the use of color and attention to surface in vessel making. The exhibit is on display in the glass cases in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art located on the third floor of the library. The exhibit is free and open to the public during library hours.

Culler has more than 40 years of experience working with glass, and her art can be found in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, Renwick Gallery, and on permanent display at the Luce Center, the American Museum of Art. She also has museum collections in the Corning Museum of Glass, The Mobile Museum of Art, the National Glass Museum of Spain, the Glass Furnace Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey, and Namseoul University, South Korea. Culler's architectural panels in glass are available for viewing at numerous hospitals and corporate settings including the Cleveland Clinic, Robert Woods Johnson Hospital, and the Forest City Science and Technology Park, among others throughout the U.S.

"My inspiration comes from beauty either representational or abstract," said Culler. "I am very excited about this show; I will be showing work that dates back to 1974, as well as current work."

"Abstract Friends"

University of South Alabama Marx Library
Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art
January 7, 2013- February 28, 2013

Mobile-- Appreciation of art and the game of golf brought the two artists, currently featured in the third floor library gallery, together. The two met through the Mobile art scene and have collaborated to create, "Abstract Friends," an exhibit focused on the abstract paintings of Debby Sneed and Conroy Hudlow. The paintings are on display in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art located on the third floor of the University of South Alabama Library. The show runs through Thursday February 28, 2013, and is free and open to the public during library hours.

A reception for the exhibit will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, January 25, 2013. The reception offers the public an opportunity to meet the artists and enjoy food and refreshments. While this is Sneed and Hudlow's first show together, the two have been friends for more than 20 years and are even golf buddies. Sneed says she considers Hudlow to be her mentor and the renewal of their friendship has been an inspiration on her work.

Both artists paint abstract art, but they have different approaches to their work. Sneed's works are purely abstract and focus on the movement of color. Hudlow's works are based on objects and landscapes, while also incorporating movement of color. The show features more than 20 of their pieces full of bright color and fluid movement.