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Future geologists at work!
Plio-Pleistocene deltaic deposits in Mobile, Al (yes we do have geology down here!) Doug as a teacher (you can also review other USA faculty )



Undergraduate Courses html format (with pdf links) pdf format*



Class notes

Labs & Manuals

GY 111: Physical Geology Lectures

GY 111 (H): Physical Geology Lectures (Honors)


GY 111L: Physical Geology Labs

GY 112: Earth History


GY 112 (H): Earth History (Honors)

GY 112L: Earth History Labs

GY 112: Earth History (Summer class)

GY 301: Geomorphology

GY 302: Crystallography and Mineralogy

GY 305: Geophysics

GY 402: Sedimentary Petrology

GY 421: Applied Environmental Geology

GY 422: Sedimentary Geology

GY 450: Thin-sectioning

GY 490: Earth History for Teachers

ES 492: Science in the Movies (H)

Graduate Courses



Class notes


GY 544: Sedimentary Geology

MAS 590: Advanced Sedimentary Petrology

MAS 603: Geological Oceanography

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highlighted. These links are active.


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