Antebellum History Sources at the McCall Library

A drawing of Mobile's old antebellum city hall / Southern Market. Courtesy of Reginald and Louise Neighbors.

This guide is comprised of primary and secondary sources, including records of businesses and churches, the papers of individuals, and books, theses, dissertations, and journal articles.

The primary source guide provides a brief description of each collection, including dates, size, and links to any online guides.

The secondary source guide is arranged alphabetically by last name of author or title of book or article. Titles in the subjects "Manuscript Material" and "Other Material" are also arranged alphabetically.

The journal articles were taken from three periodicals, the Alabama Review, the Alabama Historical Quarterly, and the Gulf Coast/South Historical Review.

We also have a subject index to these sources.

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This guide was researched by Thomas Ashby and Carol Ellis and prepared by Carol Ellis (2005-2006).

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Manuscript Material:


Bellamy, Elizabeth Croom (1852-1900)
Accession: 93-09-272
Size of Collection: 15 linear feet

The papers in this collection include the school essays, correspondence, lectures, and published and unpublished writings of Elizabeth Whitfield Croom Bellamy, who was born April 17, 1837, in Quincy, Florida. As a daughter of a wealthy family, Elizabeth attended Reverend Thomas Bog Slade's school for girls in Columbus, Georgia, and later studied at Spingler Institute, a female academy, in New York. In 1858 she married a cousin, Dr. Charles Edward Bellamy, who joined the Confederate Army in July 1862. Her husband and two young children died during the war. These papers also contain Bellamy's financial records, receipts, contracts, and royalty accounts for her various published works.

Chastang Family Papers (1756-1935 [Bulk 1880-1935])
Accession: 96-08-314
Size of Collection: linear feet

A collection of personal correspondence and published religious and educational materials relating to the Chastang family of Chastang and Bucks, Alabama. Most of the correspondence is from Edward Chastang and F. Z. Chastang.

Cochrane, Katharine Crampton (1815-1985)
Accession: 95-09-291
Size of Collection: 4 linear feet

Correspondence, professional papers, photographs, genealogical records, and memorabilia pertaining to John T. Cochrane Sr., his wife Katharine Crampton Cochrane, her step-brother Dr. Guy Chester Crampton, her father Dr. Orson Lucius Crampton, and other members of the Cochrane and Crampton families. An exhibit of material from the collection is available.

Croom, Velma and Stephens G. (1840-1906)
Accession 98-09-346
Size of Collection: 5 linear feet

This collection consists of correspondence between various Croom family members and friends. Most of the letters were written between 1850 and 1870 by Cicero Stephens Croom, his sister Elizabeth Whitfield Croom Bellamy, and their parents, William Whitfield Croom and Julia Stephens Croom. Appointment required for use of this collection.

Toulmin, Mary Duggar Manuscript (1808-1861)
Accession: 93-09-263
Size of Collection: 2.5 linear feet

An unpublished manuscript by Mary Duggar Toulmin, "Annals of the Mobile Theater, 1808-1861," and supporting research material.


Delano/Magoun Records (1835-1844)
Accession: 94-09-307
Size of Collection: .25 linear foot

A collection of letters, receipts, and invoices from various ship captains in Mobile to the ship owners, Benjamin Delano and Son of Kingston, Massachusetts, and Thatcher Magoun and Son of Boston. The ship captains describe their cargo and their experiences in the port of Mobile.

Government Street Presbyterian Church Records
Size of Collection: 3 reels (microfilm only)

Although the Presbytery of Alabama was organized in 1821, in Mobile the number of Presbyterians was so small that they formed a union church with local Episcopalians in 1822. A Presbyterian congregation was formally organized in 1831 and in 1836 purchased land on Government Street where they built their permanent home, a Greek Revival-style church that is listed as a National Historic Landmark. The collection includes session minutes and register books dating from 1831 to 1979. The registers contain records of communicants, baptisms, marriages, and deaths.

Mobile Female Benevolent Society Records (1831-1989)
Accession: 97-08-324
Size of Collection: 2 linear feet

Founded in 1829 as a non-denominational organization to aid indigent widows through the donation of food, clothing, and medical supplies, in 1835 the Mobile Female Benevolent Society built and maintained several houses called "Widow's Row" at Dearborn and Warren streets. Later the society purchased the Gazzam home at the corner of Government and Ann streets to house the women. This is the present site of a new facility known as Murray House, owned and operated by the Episcopal diocese of the Central Gulf Coast under the auspices of the Mobile Female Benevolent Society. The collection contains correspondence, financial records, the 1831, 1937, and 1951 constitutions, articles of incorporation (1841), inmate policies and legal agreements, resident lists (1873-1960), and minutes from 1860-64, 1886-92, 1897-98, 1953-54, 1982-83, and 1988-89.

St. Francis Street Methodist Church Records (1840-1993)
Size of Collection: 19 reels (microfilm only)

Founded in 1840, this Mobile church maintained a continuous congregation until 1993. Its records include membership rolls, marriages, baptisms, newsletters, and church bulletins, as well as historical information on ministers that served the church, and files on church members who were featured in local newspapers.

Vine & Olive Colony (1800-2007 [Bulk 1858-1894])
Accession: 637-2013
Size of Collection: 3 linear feet

This collection is primarily made up of photocopied documents related to a set of interconnected families living in Alabama, most of them in Mobile. Some of the members of the families were once members of the Vine & Olive Colony. The collection also include some original documents dating to the early part of the 19th century. The bulk of the documents in this collection are of a genealogical nature. 3 linear feet.


A Century of Service for the Sacred Heart in the United States by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, 1847-1947.

A Register of the Officers and Students of the University of Alabama, 1831-1901.

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Andrews Jr., Johnnie and William David Higgins. Creole Mobile: A Compendium of the Colonial Families of the Central Gulf Coast, 1702-1813. Prichard, Ala., 1974.

Ball, Rev. T.H. Clarke County, Alabama and Its Surroundings from 1540 to 1877. Grove Hill, Ala., 1973.

Barnett, Cora Chastang. Citronelle [Alabama] Then and Now, 1811-1988.

Big Zion A.M.E. Zion Church Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1842-1992.

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Connick, Lucille Mallon. Lists of Ships Passengers, Mobile, Alabama, 1838-1839-1840, Vol. 1. Mobile, 1988.
---------. Lists of Ships Passengers, Mobile, Alabama, 1841-1860. Mobile, 1989.

Crow, Anna B. Behind the Wall: The Sisters of the Visitation, Mobile, Alabama, Their Community, Academy and Retreat House, 1833-2002. Mobile, 2002.

Delaney, Caldwell. The Phoenix Volunteer Fire Company of Mobile, 1838-1888. Mobile, 1967.

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Gould, Elizabeth Barrett. From Fort to Port: An Architectural History of Mobile, Alabama, 1711-1918. Tuscaloosa, 1988.

Hahn, Marilyn Davis. Old Cahaba Land Office Records & Military Warrants, 1817-1853. Mobile, 1981.

The History of Bayou La Batre, 1786-1963.

History of First Baptist Church of Mobile, 1845-1945, 1959.

Jones, Blair Mrs. Clarke County, Alabama Marriage Records, 1814-1865. Gadsden, Ala., 1964.

Jordan, Weymouth T. Antebellum Alabama: Town and County. Tuscaloosa, 1987.

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Kennington, S. Albert. From the Day of Small Things: The Story of Trinity Church, Mobile, 1845-1995. Mobile, 1996.

King, Clinton P. & Meriem Allison Barlow. Marriages of Mobile County, Alabama, 1813-1855. Baltimore, 1985.

___. Abstracts of Orphans Court Minutes, Mobile County, Alabama, Book I, 1813-1837 (1987).

Lights and Shadow: The Story of the Convent, Academy and Retreat House of the Visitation, Mobile, Alabama, 1833-1983.

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___ & Dorothy Ivison Moffett. Burial Records, Mobile County, Alabama, 1820-1856. Mobile, 1963.

Mueller, Edward A. Perilous Journeys: A History of Steamboating on the Chattahoochee, Apalachicola, and Flint Rivers, 1828-1928. Eufaula, Ala., 1990.

Muskat, Beth Taylor and Mary Ann Neeley. The Way It Was, 1850-1930: Photographs of Montgomery and Her Central Alabama Neighbors. Montgomery, 1985.

Pickett, Albert James and Thomas McAdory Owen. History of Alabama, and Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, From the Earliest Period, and Annals of Alabama, 1819-1900. Originally published in 1900; printed in 1975, 1988 by The Reprint Company, Publishers.

Point Clear Cavalcade, 1519-1941. Point Clear: The Grand Hotel.

Poore Jr., Ralph E. Alabama's Enterprising Newspaper: The Mobile Press Register and Its Forebears, 1813-1991 (1992).

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