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  • Art work displayed at the Archaeology Museum.
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Archaeology Museum


4 p.m.

Tuesday, September 26

Special Guest & USA Alumna: Jessica Fairley

“Clotilda: the Exhibition at the Africatown Heritage House”


Clotilda: the Exhibition at the Africatown Heritage House is not just a story of a ship. It’s a true tale of a people, a community, and America. The story of the journey of the 110 has come back to life, but although breathing, it’s still on life support. The Africatown Heritage House is that lifeline. It’s the start of a movement that is felt be everyone who tours the sacred grounds. Africatown is sacred ground. It is the gem of Mobile holding secrets yet to be discovered.

University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum
FREE Public Event!


Cohosts: USA Center for Archaeological Studies, USA Department of English, USA Department of Communication, African American Studies Program, and USA Anthropology Program

Made possible by the support of the

National Endowment for the Humanities



   Jessica Fairley Photo


Jessica Fairley is a South Alabama graduate who currently serves as manager of the Africatown Heritage House. Since graduating from South Alabama, she’s worked in T.V. journalism, marketing, and production. Ms. Fairley also holds a Master of Communication Art from Valdosta State University. It’s her goal to continually promote positive efforts in the Africatown community and educate the world about the story of the Clotilda and its 110 survivors.



Heritage House Photo





The USA Archaeology Museum showcases artifacts from the Gulf Coast and covers over 12,000 years of prehistory and history. Artifacts are contextualized using a series of life-size scenic representations depicting archaeologists at work and glimpses into the ways of life of ancient Woodland cultures, mound-building Mississippian peoples, early French settlers, and an African American family after the Civil War.


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