Athletics A-Z

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Title/Link Phone Number Categories Index
Air Force ROTC (251) 460-7211 students, athletics, academics, international, employment A
Aquatics (251) 460-6065 students, student services, athletics A
Army ROTC (251) 460-6341 students, athletics, academics, international, employment A
Athletics   athletics, student services A
Athletics Composite Calendar   athletics A
Athletics, USA Jaguars   athletics A
Baseball (251) 460-6876 athletics B
Basketball, Men's (251) 460-6104 athletics B
Basketball, Women's (251) 460-7961 athletics B
Cross Country (251) 460-7656 athletics C
Dance Team   students, athletics D
Dugout Club   athletics D
Football (251) 445-4004 athletics F
Glenn Sebastian Nature Trail   athletics, students, student services G
Golf, Men's (251) 460-6213 athletics G
Golf, Women's (251) 460-6446 athletics G
Homecoming   students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, athletics H
Intramural Sports (251) 461-1627 students, athletics, student services I
Outdoor Adventure (251) 460-6214 students, athletics, student services O
Prowlers   students, athletics P
Purchase Athletic Tickets  (251) 461-1872 athletics P
Running with the Jags   alumni, athletics R
Soccer (251) 414-8253 athletics S
Softball (251) 460-1342 athletics S
SouthFit Class Schedule (251) 460-7268 students, parents, faculty, staff, athletics, student services S
Special Sports Events (251) 460-6065 students, athletics, student services S
Sports   students, athletics S
Sports Clubs (251) 460-6214 students, athletics, student services S
Tennis, Men's (251) 460-6873 athletics T
Tennis, Women's (251) 460-6266 athletics T
Track and Field (251) 460-7656 athletics T
Volleyball (251) 460-7124 athletics V