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Education and Training Program

Education and Training is an integral part of the safety and environmental compliance program.

The department's training specialist, Lisa Hudley, is available to provide training on a variety of safety topics for any university or hospital department. Please contact her to discuss arrangements. There is no charge to departments for training services.

Lisa Hudley
Phone: 251-460-6677

Online Lab Training is available.

Please submit the following information in order to be enrolled in Online Lab Training:



Hazardous Waste Management Fact Sheet - Power Point Presentation

Hazardous Waste Management Fact Sheet-Annual Refresher & Sign Off Sheet

Film List - List of videos and CD's that may be checked out from the Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance at CSAB 336 by contacting Lisa Hudley.

Other Training Resources:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Science Education and Research Training

Free Training - Training Programs and Safety Resources

Master Training - Guidelines for Training Requirements