Safety Committee




Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance




Members of Safety and Environmental Compliance Committee
Regular Appointments 2014


Dr. John W. Smith, Chair
Vice President of Student Affairs

William Guess, Alternate Chair
Director, Safety and Environmental Compliance
CSAB 332

Zeke Aull
Chief of Police, University Police and Parking Services
Beta Gamma Commons

Ruth Cochran
Chemistry Stockroom Manager
CHEM 125

Connie Cook
Director, Risk Management
CSAB 216

Todd Culp
Superintendent, Custodial Services
Facilities Management

Chair, Environment of Care
USA Children and Women’s Hospital

Chair, Environment of Care
USA Medical Center Hospital

Faculty Senate Representative

Cindy Montee
Transportation Coordinator
USA Transportation Services

Harvey Ikner
Chief of Practice Operations
Health Services Foundation Administration
MED 4 

Ralph McDonald
Security Office I, Baldwin County Campus

Penny Cook
Department Manager, Physiology Department, COM
MSB 3080

Laura Linn
Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Angela Smith
Secretary V, Allied Health
HAHN 2011

Esther Rogers
Employee Assistance Program Counselor,
Human Resources
TRP Building III, Suite 2200


Beverly Kellen
Practice Director
Family Medicine/Student Health Services
TRP Building III, Suite 1200

Dusty Layton
Director, Research Compliance and Assurance
CSAB 120

Mary Meyer
Senior Instructor, College of Nursing
HAHN 3082

Judy Miller
Senior Research Lab Manager, Cancer Research Institute
MCI 2118

Keith Parmer
Superintendent, USA Springhill Facilities

SGA President
Student Government Association
Student Center, Suite 214

Philip Theodore
Director, Campus Recreation

Chris Vinet
Director, Housing
DLTC 110

David Wiik
Radiation Safety Officer
CSAB 257

Hal Williams
Associate Athletic Director, Facilities and Event Management
6001 USA Drive South, Suite 35 

Tammy Orso
Police Captain, University Police and Parking Services
Beta Gamma Commons

Howard Whitston
Instructor, School of Computing
SHEC 1205

Jimmy Tagert
Superintendent, Utilities
CPLT 0031