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While all of our residence halls are great places to live, we understand that some students would prefer to live somewhere other than where they are assigned for various reasons. This is why we offer various opportunities for students to request a change once they have received an assignment. Please refer to the time periods listed below and keep the following in mind as you consider requesting a change:
  • You must be assigned before you can request a change.
  • The ability to make a change is dependent upon the order in which your request is received and space availability.
  • If you wish to make a change outside of the periods listed below, please our Housing & Dining Business Office (pre-Move In) or your Community Director / Area Coordinator (post-Move In).
Before Fall Check-In

6/16/15 - 6/21/15

Only for those interested in selecting a specific/different Roommate. Log-In to PDS during this time to request a different roommate by visiting the following link:

FIRST TIME LOGGING IN TO PDS? Once you’re on the site, you’ll enter your JagMail email address and then click “Forgot Password.” The site will then send an automated email to your JagMail account that will include a temporary password. Once you enter your temporary password on the site you will be prompted to set your new password that you will use from then on.

BUILD YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE AND SELECT A MATCH: Log-in at any time to begin building your personal profile. Get started as soon as possible to take full advantage of this opportunity! The system will automatically open for potential roommates matches to be selected on Tuesday, June 16th - matches must be mutual to be considered.

SPECIAL NOTES: Your requested roommate match will take preference over room choice. We will make every effort to accommodate a selected roommate match in any space available, based on the room preferences noted by the student who submitted their housing contract first.  Therefore, before selecting a roommate match it may be very important for each student to determine who submitted their housing contract first in order to verify which set of room preferences will be used. Any student who is unsure of when they submitted their housing contract can request this information by emailing us ( and include their full name and Jag number. We will be able to send the date the contract was received, as well as the list of 5 room preferences submitted with the contract.    

Please share any questions with us by email (include full name and Jag #) or phone (251-460-6185 / M-F, 8AM - 5PM CST). Happy Matching!

6/23/15 (opens @ 9AM) - 6/24/15 (closes @ 9AM)

Only for those interested in Private Rooms. Log-In to PAWS during this time to request an available suite-style room (Stokes Hall/Gamma 0-4) or a private room in Delta 3-6. The system will open at 9:00AM on Tuesday, June 23rd to begin receiving these requests. Requests are processed in the order they're submitted.

After submitting your request: Due to the limited space and volume of requests, please allow ten (10) business days for processing. You will receive an email to your University email (JagMail) if we are unable to process your request.

Visit PAWS and enter the secure area: > Click "Student Services & Financial Aid" > Click "Housing" > Click "Room Change Request" 


After Fall Check-In

8/31/15 (opens @ 9AM) - 9/02/15 (closes @ 9AM)

Log-In to PAWS during this time request a room change. Room change requests will continue to processed until 11/13/15 as spaces become available. Residents whose request was not able to be processed will receive an email on 11/16/15 to confirm this. Those whose request was unable to be processed are encouraged to participate in the Spring Room Change Period.


1/19/16 (opens @ 9AM) - 1/20/16 (closes @ 9AM)

Log-In to PAWS during this time request a room change. Room change requests will continue to processed until 1/26/16 as spaces become available. Residents whose request was not able to be processed will receive an email on 1/27/16 to confirm this. 

Contact our office with additional questions (251-460-6185 / M-F, 8AM - 5PM CST)
For many new students, one of the biggest adjustments is sharing a room. The most successful roommates are the ones who effectively communicate with each other. Text messages, sticky notes, e-mails, Facebook comments, Tweets, etc. do not constitute effective communication. Before you change your room because you and your roommate don't seem compatible, read our Roommate Relationships section and talk to your RA or Community Director.