Finishing Your Exchange Visitor Program

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J-1 Exchange Visitors who are nearing their program completion need to contact the Immigration Coordinator as soon as they approach their program end date.  If you are finishing your program and plan to return home, please email as soon as possible when you have made your travel arrangements.
J-1 visa holders who would like to request their SEVIS record to be transferred to a different institution should contact the Immigration Coordinator for more information.  J-1 Exchange visitors may transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the original program objectives.  All transferring exchange visitors must have their program validated by the transfer-in A/RO no later than 30 days after the transfer effective date.
J-1 Exchange visitors may be eligible for an extension to their program if they apply before the end of their program's end date and meet the following criteria:
  • The extension period is within the maximum amount of participation for their exchange visitor category.
  • The visitor and their dependents have sufficient funding for the extension.
  • The student or scholar has not obtained a waiver recommendation for the two year home presence requirement.  Exchange visitors who have obtained a waiver are not eligible for an extension.
Academic departments hosting J-1 visitors should contact the Immigration Coordinator as soon as possible if they are requesting a program extension for their visitor.