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The Office of Research Development and Learning (RD & L) is dedicated to proactively catalyzing activities that will grow the USA research enterprise including identification and targeting of funding opportunities, nurturing collaborative relationships and assisting in competitive application development.

Research Development activities span a broad spectrum. At the USA, RD & L is a committed, positive change - agent, capacity - builder and ambassador in the following areas:

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Breaking Announcements

Gulf Research Program Funding Opportunities

The National Academy of Sciences announced that as of December 1, 2014,  information about the Gulf Research Program’s inaugural exploratory grants and fellowships competitions is available. The online application system for submitting grants letters of intent and fellowship applications will open on December 18, 2014. We encourage you to visit our grants and fellowships websites for details, including eligibility requirements and key dates.

This initial round of funding opportunities includes the following competitions:

Exploratory Grants – Award Year 2015
We welcome proposals from organizations on behalf of all qualified scientists, engineers, health professionals, and educators on one of the following two topics:

  • Exploring approaches for effective education and training of workers in the offshore oil and gas industry and health professions
  • Linking ecosystem services related to and influenced by oil and gas production to human health and well-being

Fellowships – Award Year 2015
We invite eligible candidates to apply for the following two fellowship opportunities:

Early-Career Research Fellowships will recognize professionals at the critical pretenure phase of their careers for exceptional leadership, past performance, and potential for future contributions to improving oil system safety, human health, or the environment. These two-year fellowships will be awarded to tenure-track (pretenure) faculty (or the equivalent) at colleges, universities, and research institutions.

Science Policy Fellowships will contribute to leadership development and capacity building by providing recipients with a valuable educational experience at the science-policy interface. Fellows will spend one year on the staff of a state legislature; state environmental, natural resources, oil and gas, or public health agency; or regional offices of relevant federal agencies in the Gulf region. Fellows will participate in and contribute to the state or federal policy-making process.


To learn more about the Gulf Research Program, please visit