Research Development & Learning


The Office of Research Development and Learning (RD & L) is dedicated to proactively catalyzing activities that will grow the USA research enterprise including identification and targeting of funding opportunities, nurturing collaborative relationships and assisting in competitive application development.

Research Development activities span a broad spectrum. At the USA, RD & L is a committed, positive change - agent, capacity - builder and ambassador in the following areas:

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Breaking Announcements

UAB Center for Clinical and Translational Science Announces a Research Voucher Program - For more information please visit the UAB CCTS website  

Please visit the Funding Opportunities > Internal Funding page Mid- January, 2016 for updated Arts and Humanities Small Grant Program and Research and Scholarly Development Grant Program Guidelines and Policy.    

Webinar Opportunity:  "Turn Your Data Into A Story"  - Please Contact Angela Williams if you are interested in attending. The ORED will sponsor this event if > 20 individuals are interested in participating.  More information will be forthcoming by January 22nd. Stay tuned!