Material Transfer Agreements


INCOMING Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)– When University of South Alabama faculty is receiving materials, complete this form and bring it with the MTA to AD 200.

OUTGOING MTAs – when USA faculty is sending materials, complete this form, attach it to one of the agreements shown below, and take it to Reggie Taylor, Associate Director, Intellectual Property Management, Technology Research Park, Building II, Suite 150. 

    1. If you are sending non-proprietary/unpatented biological research materials to an academic institution on this list, UBMTA Implementing Letter.
    2. If you are sending non-proprietary/-patented biological research materials to an academic institution NOT on this list OR if you are sending proprietary or patented biological research materials to: 
      • ANY biological research materials to a COMPANY, use this form:    

                                            University of South Alabama Faculty 

      •  ANY non-biological research materials, use this form: 

                                            University of South Alabama Faculty