Want a geo-job?

1) Local Job postings* (Current June 6, 2007)

US Corps of Engineers (Geologist, Mobile office)
* these links may lead to text files, local geo-company web sites or pdf files

2) Applied and Professional Positions:

USGS Jobs (The United States Geological Survey job page)
GeoCommunity (Search job database, post a resume, or join a discussion board)
Minejob.com (international and national economic geology positions)
GeologistJobs.com (Searches network for jobs that fit your specifications)
Gulf Coast Petroleum Jobs (Society of Petroleum Engineers - Gulf Coast Section)
Geology.com (a good site for general geology job positions)
US Federal Job listings (a few geoscience positions here)
I Hire Environmental.com (more environmental positions)
National Groundwater Association Jobs (hydrogeology positions)
Oil Careers.com (geoscience positions here)
Association for Woman Geoscientists (geo jobs for all, not just women)


3) Academic and Graduate Positions

Popular Graduate Schools (Websites of schools most commonly attended by USA grads)
Earthworks (Geoscience research and techincal positions)
Geological Society of America Classified (academic and student positions here)
Higher Ed Jobs.com (quite a few academic positions here)

Need a Geology intern or a recent Geology graduate?

Contact us to post your position on our web site.


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