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University of South Alabama Faculty Club Policies

    I. Mission

    The Faculty Club is designed to provide space for faculty, staff, administrators, and their guests to interact outside the normal campus environment and to hold events as appropriate.

    II. Eligibility for Use

    The Faculty Club offers access to all University organizations and employees. There will be no rental fee applicable to official University functions. Student organization functions are not eligible for use.  Direct costs for equipment and personnel may be assessed when appropriate.

    Non-university events may be scheduled in the Faculty Club if space is available and all of the following conditions are met:

    1. A university employee or department is a Priority Sponsor for the event.
    2. The function complements and does not directly compete with USA programming,
                        either in content or target audience.
    3. The contracting organization and/or organizer is responsible for appropriate Rental Fees and/or Personnel Fees and agrees to the conditions outlined in the reservation confirmation. 
    4. The primary purpose of the function should not be to sell, directly or indirectly, a
      service or product, or solicit prospective business, which will financially benefit any individual or entity.
    5. The contracting organization and/or organizer must complete the online Facility Reservation Request, which is available at www.mitchellcenter.com.

       For all events, the Priority Sponsor for the function must be present for the duration of the event and available for consultation about the details of each function.

    Other Usage Considerations

    • Activities that do not fit within the mission of the Faculty Club will not be scheduled. Decisions will be made on the basis of the merits of the event in relation to the University's educational and public service mission/objectives and shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the University of South Alabama.
    • Space scheduled in the Faculty Club may not be accessed prior to the agreed upon starting time and must be vacated by the agreed upon ending time.
    • Items may not be taped, pinned, nailed, bolted, or otherwise affixed to walls, doors, ceilings or curtains within the facility. All decorations must be approved by the Facility Manager and Faculty Club personnel.
    • Any damage to carpets, floors, walls, doors, lights, other furnishings, or equipment by the contracting organization and/or organizer, its agents, employees, or attendees, must be immediately reported.  The contracting organization and/or organizer will be charged for the cost of cleaning, repair, or replacement.  Likewise, furnishings may not be removed from the facility at anytime.  Failure to return all items in the same condition as found will result in the user being billed for their repair or replacement.

    III.  Reservations and Scheduled Events

    All reservations are scheduled through the Mitchell Center Administrative Office and USA departments/organizations have priority. Exceptions to the usage policy must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

    The Faculty Senate shall have priority for the facility during their regularly scheduled meeting each month.  The Faculty Executive Committee shall have priority for their regularly scheduled executive meeting. All priority events must be requested and confirmed through the Mitchell Center Administrative Office.

    All Departments, Organizations and “Priority” individuals must complete the online Facility Reservation Request, which is available at www.mitchellcenter.com .

    IV. Food Service

    All catering shall be provided by USA Dining Services (Aramark).  The contracting organization and/or organizer may not bring outside food and/or beverages into the facility.  The contracting organization and/or organizer or Priority Sponsor will contact USA Dining Services directly for catering needs.  They may be reached at 251-460-7948.

    V.  Alcohol

    Alcohol may only be served by the approved University caterer.  No guest may bring their own alcohol onto the property.
    No students are allowed to participate in events where alcoholic beverages are served.

    VI. Audio-Visual Equipment

    There will be no charge for audio visual equipment affixed to the facility.  If requests exceed existing inventory, the user will be charged accordingly.

    VII.      Fees and Payment

    There will be no rental charge for official university functions.  All other groups/individuals renting the facility will be charged accordingly:
                Room                                                  Fee                 
    Club Rooms                                        $80 (4 hours or less)
    (Occupancy: 8 seated)                       $150 (Between 4 and 8 hours)/$25 each additional

    Multipurpose Room                            $185 (4 hours or less)
    (Occupancy: 72 seated)                     $350 (Between 4 and 8 hours)/$50 each additional

    Entire Facility                                      $265 (4 hours or less)
    (Occupancy: 130 seated/standing)    $500 (Between 4 and 8 hours)/$50 each additional

    DEPOSIT:  ½ of the rental fee is due to confirm the event and must be received as indicated on the written confirmation.  The deposit may be paid by check or credit card. Checks must be made payable to the University of South Alabama. Deposit is non-refundable if cancellation of event occurs within 30 calendar days of the reservation date.

    RENTAL FEE DUE DATE:  The remaining rental fee is due as listed on the written confirmation.  The rental fee may be paid to the university by check. Checks must be made payable to the University of South Alabama

    DAMAGE POLICY: The group or organization using the facility will be responsible for any damages to University property and/or extraordinary clean-up resulting from the activities of the event.

    VIII.     Reservation/Cancellation Policy

    The university shall have the right to withdraw and terminate permission herein given at any time the organization/organizer breaches or fails to comply with or abide by any of the terms and conditions herein stated. University may also cancel with three months notice if University has need for the venue.  Upon either type of termination, User shall promptly vacate the venue. User further agrees that in event of such termination, the University shall have no direct liability for any direct or consequential damages or loss that User may suffer or incur as a consequence of such termination. University shall retain the right to cause the interruption of any performance in the interest of public safety, and to likewise cause the termination of such activity when, in the sole judgment of the venue staff to evacuate the premises because of a threat or for other reasons of public safety. User will retain possession of the premises for sufficient time to complete presentation of the event without additional rental charge providing such time does not interfere with another User. If at the discretion of venue management it is not possible to complete presentation of the activity, rental shall be forfeited, prorated, or adjusted at the discretion of venue management based on the situation and User waives any claims for damages or compensation from University.”

    Public Safety

    A University Police officer(s) can be provided, if requested by the contracting organization and/or organizer renting the Faculty Club. The cost of the officer is 22.50 per hour per officer. However, if, because of the nature of the event, the University determines that an officer(s) is required for the event, the individual or organization renting the Faculty Club will be assessed for this charge. 

    X.        Smoking

    The Faculty Club is a smoke-free facility.  Smoking outside the facility is not permitted within 50 feet of the building entrance or exits.

    XI.       Revisions

    These policies are regularly reviewed and revisions are made as appropriate. An official copy of these policies is available in the Mitchell Center Administrative Office or on line at www.mitchellcenter.com.




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