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If the accused student is dissatisfied with the disciplinary decision, the student may appeal to one of the following:

  a. If the decision was reached by the Dean of Student Services - to the University Disciplinary Committee.
  b. If the decision was reached by the designee(s) of the Dean - to the Dean of Student Services.
A student may ask for an appeal on the following basis:
  a. Procedural rights - the violation of due process.
  b. Severity of discipline action.
  c. Direct appeal of the decision.
In order to request an appeal, the student must submit a written request for appeal to the office of the Dean of Student Services within seven working days of the hearing official’s decision. The person hearing the appeal has the authority to:
  a. Sustain the decision.
  b. Sustain the decision of the Dean of Students, but impose a lesser penalty.
  c. Remand the case to a new hearing official for further consideration (and possibly even greater sanctions).
  d. Reverse the decision.
The appeal decision shall be transmitted in writing to the appealing student and to the office of the Dean of Student Services within ten days of the decision. The complainant shall be notified of the decision. No further appeals are allowed.

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