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Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook

Kathy Wheeler

The University Library has recently subscribed to the Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook in electronic format through SilverPlatter. Students, faculty and staff no longer need to be in the library or even on campus to use this resource. Go the University Library's homepage at http://library.southalabama.edu and choose the SilverPlatter button.

The MMYB is particularly valuable for research in education, counseling and psychology. It provides reviews of and information about all English-language standardized tests in the areas of psychology, vocational aptitude, educational skills, and personality, among others. While it does NOT provide a copy of the actual test (which is usually copyrighted and must be purchased), it is invaluable for its reliability and validity data.

The database provides the following information for each test indexed:

  • Overview of the test
  • Purpose
  • Population
  • Price
  • Administration
  • Author/s
  • Publication information
  • Scoring information
  • Volume of the print Mental Measurements Yearbook in which the test was first described.
  • Materials required
  • Ordering information
  • Notes - references back to previous editions of MMYB
  • Time required to administer the test
  • One or more reviews of the test.

The online version incorporates all editions beginning with the 9th, which was the last cumulative one.

Like the other SilverPlatter databases, PsycInfo and Philosopher's Index, MMYB provides an Index to all the items contained in the database. Choose the Index button to the right of the search screen, then select a field.

The software will provide you with a list of names, titles, terms, etc. that are included, like the title list below, and how many times the words are used in the database :


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