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Suggestions/Complaints and Library Replies

6/23/98 Will the library allow terminals to be used for checking e-mail once new terminals are installed? I can understand denying access now, but there is no place else on campus to do this unless you have access to the computer lab as part of your classes. Anyway, when no one is waiting to use the computer, why should the staff care if someone checks e-mail?

Library Reply: We considered this possibility but decided a policy change was premature. The additional internet-access workstations were ordered because the library is subscribing to more web-based research databases and fewer print and CD-ROM resources. So until we can determine the new usage patterns, we will maintain the current policy: academic research only, 30 minute limit, no e-mail, no e-homework, no chat groups. You can pay $22.00/semester at the bursar's office for access to the computer lab in the Computer Center. The library recieves no funds from any of the computer fees you pay. Mary Engebretson, Head of Reference Services.

8/24/98 The computers we have are very nice. I have noticed [they] have CD-ROM capabilities. I was told I couldn't use a geology tutorial that came with a book I purchased on campus. May I suggest we be allowed access to these machines? Bill Beason

Library Reply: We're glad that you like our new machines; in order to keep these machines running smoothly and to maintain security (and legal licensing) on our network we have to "restrict" access to system files.This includes files that would be changed if a CD-ROM was inserted into the machine, dozens of files in the system registry can be permanently altered just by using a CD-ROM on a PC. In a short period of time this oculd result in machines slowing down and/or failing which would cause an even greater inconvenience to our patrons. Kinko's Copies allows users to access their CD-ROMs for $12.00 per hour and Bites & Bits On-Line Cafe allows users to access their CDs for $8.00 per hour, you may want to give them a try. Thanks, Bill Murray, Director of Systems Services for University Libraries

8/26/98 I need a PH 201 solution manual and EE263 to study by, and there are none here. I need this to help me pass the course. The Teacher's Solution Manual. Johnny Harper.

Library Reply: Please ask your professors if there are extra copies of the solution manuals that might be placed on Course Reserve. Since the materials you request are available only to teaching faculty, the library cannot provide them. Course Reserve materials are determined by the instructors who also choose the items' loan periods and decide if they may be taken from the library or if they must be used inside the building. Jim Norman, Head of Circulation/Reserve Department

9/25/98 Why don't you keep a tropical update map available?

Library Reply: There are many available on the Internet. Ask at the Reference Desk. We post one behind the Reference Desk as needed. Mary Engebretson, Head of Reference.

10/21/98 There should be a front entrance from the parking lot.

Library Reply: There will be in the new library addition. E.V. Sullivan, Acting Director of the Library

10/28/98 Man, this library needs more stuff about field botany. Quick!

Library Reply: I did a keywordl search in USA Catalog on k=field and botany and found 29 entries. I also found 17 entries under k=field and tree? and 19 under k-field and flower? If you haven't consulted a reference librarian for help finding what you need, please do. We may be able to suggest other keywords or search strategies you haven't tried. Then, if you would like to give us suggestions for a few specific titles you think would be useful, we would certainly make an effort to obtain them. Also, the teaching faculty in the subject departments are responsible for choosing circulating books in their subject areas. You might want to bring up your concerns with your instructor. Amy Prendergast, Science & Technology Bibliographer

10/28/98 Your arrangements (floral) are wonderful. Thanks, A Patron

Library Reply: Thank you for the compliment. Our resident "artist" who is responsible for the flowers is Mrs. Polly Pope who works in the Acquisitions Department. Jim Norman, Head of Circulation/Reserve Dept.

11/23/98 I think that students should be able to chat and check e-mail on the computers without paying a $15.00 charge to do so. What are we paying all these fees for if we can not use the computers the way we want to???

Library Reply: The library receives none of your computer fees. We had to borrow money from the USA Foundation to buy some of these new computers. The library computers were purchased to provide access to the research databases that the library licenses for USA faculty & students. If we were lucky enough to have another 12 computers, we could then allow non-library use. Mary Engebretson, Head of Reference

12/09/98 The library should be open 24 hours during the finals. On other college campuses, closing the library @ 11:45 is unheard of. Thanx!

Library Reply: We do not have enough staff to do this. E.V. Sullivan, Acting Director of the Library


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