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Ebsco Database Access Improved

Thanks to Andy Lightbourne of Academic Computing, the University of South Alabama students, staff and faculty can now access the Ebsco databases of periodical articles from home. Until recently access was restricted to computers on campus coming from the usouthal domain. Now, as an alternative, you may enter your Social Security number without the hyphens and the server will check it against a file of active numbers. (This is not reading your student record, only a simple list of university SSN#s!)

Additionally, we have been able to add a message to each retrieved record as to whether the University Libraries own the journal source of the article.

Ebsco provides two databases: an academic index called Academic Search FULLTEXT Elite for 3200 journals and magazines (1000 of which are full-text) and ERIC, the major database for education information( no full-text).

Printing, e-mailing and downloading caution: although Ebsco allows you to mark records which may be of interest by clicking in the little box to the left, it will not print, download or e-mail full-text articles you have marked this way. You must actually be looking at the webpage on which the full-text resides in order to perform these functions. (This differs from InfoTrac in which articles can be retrieved from a marked list.) jan sauer


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