Meeting Minutes

From meeting on 11/15/2017:

Hey everyone,

If you missed the meeting yesterday, here is what we covered:

Mobile International Festival

The meteorology club will have a booth and we need volunteers to work it. The festival will be held at the Civic Center downtown on Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th. Please let us know if you are able to participate for any period of time by 1:30 pm TODAY. As of right now, we have Saturday covered.

· The times for Friday are 8 am - 2 pm. Shifts will be from:

o 7:45 am – 10 am

o 10am – 12 pm

o 12 pm – 2 pm

· The times for Saturday are 10 am - 4 pm. Shifts will be from:

o 9:45am – 12 pm

o 12pm – 2 pm

o 2 pm – 4 pm 


Upcoming Events

· Bowling                                                       Tuesday                                November 28th 8:00 pm

· Mitchell Center Cleanup                             Wednesday                           November 29th 8:30 pm

· MET Club Meeting                                      Wednesday                           January 17th 5:30 pm

· Social Event                                                Tuesday                                January 23rd

· WKRG Tour (Wx Wed)                                  Wednesday                           February 7th

· SeCAPS                                                       Friday & Saturday                February 16th & 17th

· Mitchell Center Cleanup                             Thursday                              February 22nd

· Southeast Severe Storms Symposium        Saturday & Sunday              March 24th & 25th

********** The WKRG Tour is a tentative date and depends on station availability.


Potential Wx Wed Next Semester:

Keesler Air Force Base (Hurricane Hunters) - Saturday or Sunday



Keynote speakers:

· Alan Sealls

· Dr. Gary Lackmann

· Dr. Michael Farrar

· Joey Picca

Other info:

· SeCAPS website: colleges/artsandsci/earthsci/meteorology/secaps/

· Will need volunteers to help with registration desk, etc.

· Have a t-shirt design? Send it to


Social Event Ideas

· Roller skating

· Laser tag

· Kayaking

· Volleyball/Sports by intramural field

         If you have any other ideas, please email them to the club.

Have a good one,

Caitlin Ford

USA Meteorology Club Secretary