Meeting Minutes

From Meeting on April 4, 2018:

Hey everyone,

If you missed the meeting yesterday, here is what we discussed: 

Upcoming Events:

Friday, April 20th @ 4:30 pm - Cookout at SGA Pavilion
Tuesday, April 24th @ 8:00 pm - Bowling at AMF Camellia Lanes

2018-2019 Officers:

President: Dillon Blount
Vice President: Amber Kulick
Secretary: Caitlin Ford
Treasurer: Sam Michlowitz

o   Intramurals committee: Zack Webster

o   Outreach committee: Rebekah Cheatham


National Weather Association (NWA):

If you are an NWA member, please sign the petition to make our chapter official. Please, see Aaron Ayers for more details.


Orientation Sessions:

Setting up a booth to promote the meteorology club
Need volunteers over the summer



If there is something you’d like to do next year with the MET Club, please email the club before August during the summer so we can have time to plan for them!


Caitlin Ford
USA Meteorology Club Secretary