Secondary Education Alternative M.Ed.

An advanced degree in secondary education gives you the opportunity to further your career as an expert in your field.

Alternative Master of Education (Alt. M.Ed.) 

The Alternative Master of Education (Alt. M.Ed.) is a 42-hour program that prepares those individuals who do not have a prior background or teaching certificate in education, but hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a related content field in English Language Arts, Social Studies, General Science, Spanish, French, German, or Mathematics.  Many of the courses are offered online or with options for meeting online or on campus. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for the Class A, 6-12 Certificate for their content area. 

Art Education Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

General Science Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

Mathematics Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

Language Arts Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

Social Studies Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

Spanish Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

French Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

German Alt. M.Ed. Course of Study

Frequently Asked Questions

Students are admitted into the program every semester (Spring, Summer, and Fall).
The program is 42 credit hours (14 courses. Courses are readily available every semester allowing students to take a full load (9 hrs) without difficulty. The amount of time to complete the program depends upon how many courses are taken each semester. Students taking a full load (9 hours a semester) can expect to finish in 5-6 semesters while those who are working or have other responsibilities along with school may take a bit longer.
All of the education courses (except practicum and student teaching) are offered online or in the evenings. Most graduate level Teaching Field courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences are offered in the late afternoon and evenings. As a result, most students are able to maintain full-time employment until their final semester of student teaching.

Admission Requirements 

  • Application and all supporting documents must be received prior to the semester of entry deadline. Application and semester deadlines are available at
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended since high school, regardless of whether credit was earned.
  • A grade-point average of at least 2.75 (A=4.0) documented on the official transcript from the degree-granting regionally accredited institution.
  • Satisfactory performance on the Core Academic Skills for Educators tests (Core). Information and registration for the Core (formerly Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program - AECPT) are available at
  • Clear Alabama State Department of Education background check. Information and registration for the ALSDE background check and fingerprinting sites are available here.
  • Passing score on
    • 1) Appropriate Content Knowledge Praxis II exam (see for current Alabama state requirements specific to your content field) OR
    • 2) score on either MAT or GRE (including the Analytical writing section) and an academic major in the teaching field with adequate courses in composite areas for programs in General Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Scores must be from exam taken within the last five years.
  • Three recommendation forms completed through the online application.
  • Two page narrative on your career goals and purpose for graduate study uploaded to online application.
  • Resume uploaded to online application.

 Academic Advisors:

Susan Ferguson Martin, Ph.D.
ESOL, English Language Arts, Foreign Languages
Ph: (251) 380-2797

Susan Santoli, Ph.D.
Social Studies
Ph: (251) 380-2836

Andre Green, Ph.D.
Science, Math
Ph: (251) 380-2892