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Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

collegiate entrepreneurs organization

CEO, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs™ Organization, is a national student organization focused on developing an entrepreneurial mindset in a university setting. Speakers, webinars, field projects, and starting a student-led business are examples of activities for CEO.

A second student initiative is Jaguar Consulting. The goal is to provide a student-based consulting service that provides hands-on experience in multiple types of businesses. These experiences help students decide how to use their entrepreneurial skills.

What do you want to do with your life?

Career ideas:

    • Start your own venture
    • Work in a design firm
    • Enter a family business
    • Discover sales and advertising
    • Spin out a new company from a big one
    • Join an economic development organization
    • Contribute to a social enterprise/nonprofit
    • Work in the financial/banking sectors
    • Offer consulting services
    • Change K-12 education leadership