Conference on Teaching and Learning

Call for Proposals


The Eighth Annual South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning will take place on the campus of the University of South Alabama on May 7 & 8, 2018. The theme for CoTL this year is "Partnerships & Pedagogies: Engagement, Innovation, Impact."  We welcome interactive workshops, presentations, and posters across a range of topics related to the scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning. We are looking for presenters to share innovation and scholarship related to various aspects of teaching - whether in the classroom, online, or in the field.

Conference tracks include:

  • Engagement: With respect to partnerships and pedagogies, what strategies are faculty using to frame engagement both within the classroom and with the larger community?
  • Innovation: What types of curricular pathways are possible through innovative cross disciplinary partnerships?
  • Impact: What impactful partnerships and pedagogies are faculty employing? What does impact-oriented education look like?

Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words by Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Abstracts will be reviewed by peer reviewers and the program committee.

Types of submissions:

  • Interactive Workshops (50 min): This session type allows a more in-depth engagement with an idea or a technique. The proposal should clarify how the audience will be engaged during the workshop and what the anticipated outcomes are in terms of a take-home message.
  • Presentations (20 min): This session type allows the sharing of a faculty teaching experience that is more descriptive but still allows for some interactive audience engagement.
  • Posters: Scholars from any discipline wishing to share some aspect of their work that has teaching and learning implications. Graphically rich, colorful displays are encouraged. Poster boards will be provided (size TBA). Structured critique and feedback will be provided to all accepted posters.


Proposal Submission

To submit your proposal, you need to Join CoTL 2018 InfoReady Review

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Your proposal should be no more than 250 words. They will be reviewed by peers and the program committee.  There will be rolling acceptances so submit early to help plan your summer activities!


We would like to give a special "thank you" the the 2018 Technical Review Committee!

Allison, Elizabeth (University of South Alabama)
Biswas,  Anindya (Spring Hill College)
Boots, Kelli (Spring Hill College)
Buchanan-Miller Pamela (University of Mobile)
Chaudhury, S. Raj (University of South Alabama)
Chow, Al (University of South Alabama)
Cloutier, Robert (University of South Alabama) 
Dey, Rajarshi (University of South Alabama)
Doran, Michael (University of South Alabama)
Estis, Julie (University of South Alabama)
Gautier, Nancy (University of Mobile)
Girard, Stephanie ( Spring Hill College)
Gossett, Nicholas (University of South Alabama)
Hossain, Delwar (University of South Alabama)
Hulon, Stephanie (University of Mobile)
Itza, Salomon (University of Mobile)
Johnson, Pam (University of South Alabama)
Lightbourne, Andy (University of South Alabama)
Loes, Marianne (University of South Alabama)
Mandyck,  Maura (Spring Hill College)
Massey, Daniel (Spring Hill College)
Mattson, Sue (University of South Alabama)
McKissick, Shelitha (University of South Alabama)
McWilliams, Robert (Bishop State Community College)
Milner, Ashley (University of Mobile)
Morton, Benterah (University of South Alabama)
Pardue, Harold (University of South Alabama)
Rand, Angela (University of South Alabama)
Strada, Benjamin (University of South Alabama)
Tucker, Leigh Delaney (University of South Alabama)
Vandewaa, Elizabeth (University of South Alabama)
White, Laura (University of South Alabama)
Williams, David (University of South Alabama)
Yates, Jennifer  (University of South Alabama)