Faculty Personal Pages

At this time, we are not requiring faculty to migrate their personal sites to the new University content management system. Usually colleges maintain a profile page for each of the faculty members and contains a link to any personal website the professor maintains.  We do not have regulations at this time for the personal faculty sites except that we suggest you have links to www.southalabama.edu and your University department from your personal site.  In time, after we have the colleges and departments in the new format, we will take another look at faculty personal sites to see if those will also be added to the content management system.

Web Services recommends that you continue to maintain your personal site as you currently do but request that it be linked to your profile for easier access.  Just have it cleared with your department and ask them to make the change to your profile page or have it changed by Web Services.

In order to have a personal faculty site you will need to download and complete the legacy version of the Webmaster Agreement Form.