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Oracle Submissions Guidelines

Submission of Written Work

Fiction and Nonfiction: Limit 3000 words; maximum of three (3) submissions.

Poetry: Maximum of three (3) poems. Poets need to be aware that line length might have an impact on formatting.

Stage/Screenplay: Maximum of three (3) scenes. Please include a brief synopsis of the entire work and an explanation of the submitted scenes. Introductions should be no more than five sentences

All written submissions must be electronic. No hard copies will be accepted. Submit writings as attached Word documents to (Editorial note: Use one space after every period, not two.) Please note that titles need to be short.

Submission of Artwork

Artwork: Maximum of three (3) pieces in each category. Artists can submit the max to every category that they want to.

Categories: Ceramics, Painting, Illustration (which can be painting, mixed media, drawings, ect.), Photography, Printmaking,
Sculpture, Drawing, Glass

Requirements for submissions:

  1. An artist bio for you that's 150 words or less (keep it simple, the last issue has some great examples)
  2. Titles for each piece of art* (if you can't photograph it, we can do that for you)**
  3. Medium
  4. Which category that you are submitting to
  5. CMYK, 300 dpi, 300x300 or larger JPEG format with the filename as the title of your artwork

*Please note that titles need to be short.
Submit your artwork to the Art Director or the Art Curator.

**If the artist needs their worked photographed, they must deliver it to the office of diane gibbs in the Graphic Design Building of the Visual Arts Department, Room VAB 342.

For Additional Information

If you have any questions about layout or formatting, please check out the current issue, available in the English and Art Departments, to get an idea of the specifications and limitations.

The Oracle Editors understand that not all artistic endeavors fit neatly into these categories. If you have any questions regarding these submission guidelines, please email them to

Please note that submission of work to Oracle gives Oracle the right to publish the work in the upcoming issue. Writers and artists retain copyright over their works.

It takes Oracle editors and designers 3-4 months from the current submission deadline to complete the issue and make final decisions about which works will be published. At this time, all those who submitted works for consideration will be notified at the email address from which they originally submitted the work. If you need to know the status of your work, please email