Faculty Council

The Vision of the College of Education and Professional Studies is to become the Gulf Coast leader in preparing professional educators, through teaching, service, and research, to develop commitments to life-long learning and the improvement of communities.

Mission Statement

The University of South Alabama is about unlimited possibilities, unexpected experiences, unbelievable accomplishments and unique personalities. USA is about who you want to be, what you want to achieve and where you want to go. At USA, you’ll find the people, resources and support to start you on your path to earning a college degree.


Faculty Council 2018-2019

Chair: Dr. Dennis Campbell (2017-2019)
 Dr. Brandon Browning (2017-2019)


Counseling & Instructional Sciences (CINS)

Brandon Browning (2017-2019)

Yvette Getch (2018-2020)


Health, Kinesiology, and Sport (HKS)

Caitlyn Hauff (2017-2019)

Geoffrey Hudson (2018-2020)

Mitchell Woltring (2017-2019)


Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM)

Amanda Donaldson (2018-2020)


Integrative Studies (INGS)

Joycelyn A. Finley (2017-2019)


Leadership and Teacher Education (LTE)

Dennis Campbell (2017-2019)

Todd Johnson (2017-2019)

Benterah Morton (2017-2019)

Ron Styron (2018-2020)